Check out our dj – Anne Carlini!  Never thought I would have a female dj – actually – always assumed my dj would be male!  Hold on – Never really thought about it before! 

Honestly, I didn’t go dj shopping.  I didn’t peruse the to check out local dj houses.  All I did was call Mike Staff Productions in Troy, Mich., and they had us from Hello.  Yeah, they’re a little bit more expensive than other local djs but it’s because they have it down to a science.

Let me back up…There were a couple things I wanted to have nailed down right away – the ceremony and reception locations, the photographer and the DJ.  The one thing we wanted to avoid with the dj was… we wanted to avoid hiring a tool. We’ve both been to too many weddings where the dj came across as over-the-top, fake, ingenuine or just plain corny.   In my search for for a Detroit ceremony location site, I came across this message board that talked up Uncle Buck who’s a Detroit radio dj and who also works with Mike Staff Productions.  

So, I called over there and set up an appointment.  First of all, when I called, they were awesome to deal with and asked what kind of dj I was looking for – A behind-the-scenes kinda dj or a crowd booster?  I told them we wanted someone who could read the crowd and get people out on the dance floor.  We’re NOT going to dictate each and every song the dj’ll play and in what order!  Can you believe some people do that!  That’s just ridiculous.  Hello, Bridezilla!  Good-Bye FUN!   They did say, Uncle Buck was available for our date, but they would show us several dj’s so we’re absolutely positive about our pick. 

Anyway, when you get there, they sit you down on this plush oversized couch and in front of this huge flat screen tv and go through the djs with you. Basically, each dj has a video showcasing their personality, style and what they like about their jobs.  They have about 30 djs to choose from, depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to have.  Based on our criteria, they showed us five djs: Uncle Buck, Mike Dembs, Dave L, Andew Neer and Anne Carlini. 

I’m telling you, we were really leaning towards either Buck or Andrew… Then Anne Carlini came on.  I thought Kenny was going to have a heart palpatation.  He was enamored with her!  She’s a dj on the WRIF and he listens to her all the time. (Yeah, didn’t know about that l’il crush!)  She was so genuine sounding and fun.  No fake, talk show announcer voice – She came across as someone who was genuinely happy for you on your day.  She wowed us!   Oh, man, Kenny is happy with this pick!  (And he wanted to shop around for other djs… What Ev!) Anne is a $200 more than the other dj’s because she’s the only one who works with an assistant – but we think she’ll be so worth it! 

The DJ: Anne Carlini of Mike Staff Productions

Mike Staff Productions Details 

  • 6 hours of entertainment – that’s all I need
  • Coordination of events
  • Back-up equipment
  • Back up emergency dj on call – they really pay people to stay home and be on call for the night…
  • Money back guarentee