Did you know that some divorce lawyers are now squabbling over who will get the cat or dog?  I really can’t believe this one!  Check out this CNN article Kenny sent me last week about pet prenups.   In a nutshell, this article is about what people will do to have custody of their pets after a break-up.  People are even sharing custody – with weekend visitation rights!

And get this l’il tidbit of info – “In a 2006 survey of 1,600 members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a quarter said they had noticed an anecdotal uptick in pet-custody cases in the past five years.”

While I love my dog dearly, I would not spend the money to go get a pet prenup!  I bought the dog, but honestly, that dog loves my fiance.  If we were to split (GOD FORBID!) and he wanted the dog, he would get him. 

People seem to forget about what’s important these days.  People are important.   Some people treat their pets better than they do the people they love.  Maybe we should re-prioritize?  Instead of thinking about who gets what and why, maybe people should think about what went wrong and why?  I understand people can’t always reconcile their differences, but don’t get married if you’re not prepared to work hard.   I don’t recall anyone ever telling me marriage was going to be easy!