A surefire way to get more junk email is to attend a bridal show and give out your real email address.  That was a big lesson learned for little ole me.  Advice – set up a new email account just for the bridal spam.  I’ve received about a 100 emails, countless phone calls and snail mail from vendors salivating for business.  While, most of it is JUNK, I did get some great deals and some good ideas. 

Last month my best girlfriend took me to my first bridal show – And lemme tell you, I wasn’t really interested in going someplace where I would be surrounded by crazed brides looking for deal.  I guess I imagined bridezilla’s running rampant, knocking down blue hairs and stomping through the place.  While I was right about the crazed brides looking for a deal, it wasn’t all that bad.  I did, however, feel sorry for some of the fiances who were dragged to the show. 

We went to the big bridal show at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich.  The show was slated to start at noon, so we thought we’d be punctual.  BIG mistake!  I’ve only seen lines like this at amusement parks.  (I should’ve had the foresight to bring a flask!)  Everyone gets to the show when it starts, which means you wait in a very long line and then you’re literally stuck in a crowd.  It’s feels like you’re herded cattle, slowly grazing the show floor.  (The cattle term is only a metaphor here…) And believe me, looking around the herd, it’s pretty obvious that some may be suffering from mad cow.    

But, joking aside, I’m glad I went to the show.  They have absolutely every vendor you can think of there.  From dj’s and photographers to caterer’s and bakers to botox and lipo reps.  (Yep!  Botox and lipo reps…)  It was truly eye-opening.  I must have brought home 20lbs in paper with all kinds of info.  I must admit, a lot of it went into the recycle bin and most of the follow-up emails went into the trash bin.  But, I did get a few good deals.


  • I won a free teeth whitening for myself and a guest (While it was not the free honeymoon package I was hoping for, I’ll surely take this one! Let’s just hope they don’t glow in the dark)
  • I got an additional $165 off a vendor I booked immediately following the show. 
  • Got 20 percent off a wedding dress from Demetrios.  (There was a little fandagaling here, but that’s another post)
  • The fiance is getting a free tux and 20 percent off the entire groomsmen tux’s.

If you’re heading to a bridal show in the near future, check out the below tips.  I wish I had known this before my first bridal show debut…


  • Set-up a new email account for all the bridal show spam. (There’s more than you can imagine…)
  • Take a wing person.  You can tag team and sign-up to win free stuff faster. 
  • Arrive fashionably late – you’ll avoid the lines…
  • Take return address stickers (with that new email address on it).  This way, you and your wing person can just stick on the contact info instead of having to hand write everything.
  • Bring an over-sized bag with comfortable straps to stuff information in.
  • Leave the fiance at home unless they beg you to let them come. 
  • OPTIONAL – Have a long brunch with a couple mimosa’s before you head to the show!

Link to Bridal Shows in the Detroit Area
* http://cbride.com/
* http://www.bridallinks.com/bridalshows.asp?stID=MI&rID=83
* http://www.metrodetroitbride.com/BridalShows.php