A cupcake (As seen on Fancyflours.wordpress.com)

Exhibit A: A cupcake (As seen on Fancyflours.wordpress.com)

I refuse to look like an iced cupcake on my wedding day.  And, for me, a lot of wedding gowns out there made me feel more like a frosted baked good than a bride.  No joke, after trying on several dresses, I started craving cake!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I ventured out around Metro Detroit shopping for a wedding dress.  I really didn’t know what to expect with my first dress shopping experience… All I knew was to wear neutral-colored skivvies.  My mom had us on a tight schedule.  We were to visit three bridal salons and eat lunch in about eight hours.  How hard can that be?  Well, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be quite the challenge!

What I wish I knew:
I’m not one of those brides who stalked out bridal gown websites and I didn’t peruse bridal magazines either.  I wanted to be there to see it, touch it, feel it and try it on.  The only problem with that approach is that I had no idea what style of dress I wanted.  What silhouette did I want – trumpet, mermaid, A-line or ballgown?  Did I want couture or traditional?  I’m not fashionista, but I wish I knew what they were talking about.  How did I not know this info is an important factor when finding a dress? 

The pickups on this dress makes the bride model look like a cupcake. (Demetrios, Spring 2008)

Exhibit B: The pickups on this dress makes the bride model look like a cupcake. (Demetrios, Spring 2008)

This is what I knew:
This is what I knew when I walked into the first store: I wanted something white, something strapless, something that wasn’t too poofy, too ordain or too detailed.  Oh, and I wanted to be able to walk in it.  What I told them is that I didn’t want to look like a cupcake.  (But you see, they really didn’t get this because some women want the cupcake look.  That’s the great thing about style – it’s a matter of personal taste.  And I prefer to eat cupcakes rather than look like them.)

What I found out:
Pickups and ruching can make a dress look like frosting.  Pickups are actually lifted gatherings of fabric that give the dress that textured look.  Some are subtle, while others are not.  Ruching is what gives the dress that bunched or scrunched look.  I think this look can be stunning!  I think a ruched trumpet or mermaid dress is 40s glam!  But, if ruching is overdone it looks like meringue pie.  In my opinion, pickups and ruching needs to be perfectly balanced or you could be mistaken for dessert.

There’s definitely a wedding dress for everyone.  It’s unbelievable how much is out there.  One thing is certainly true – you do know when you try on “the one.”

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Did you know:

  • 90 percent of wedding dressed are strapless?
  • You can de-poof a dress by having the seamstress remove layers of crinolin?
  • You can alter a sabrina neckline (straight neckline) into a sweetheart or scooped neckline?
  • You can have some pickups removed – either you can custom order the gown or have the seamstress do it in house.  This may be tricky though because it depends on where the pickups are in the dress and what kind of material it is
  • You should wear slip skirts with A-line and ballgown dress to keep the skirt from going between your legs.  But you don’t need them for trumpet or mermaid dresses?
  • You should order your dress 9-10 months in advance and allow two months for alterations?
  • That wedding dress manufacturers are closed from Christmas to February 1?