I’ve been perusing the sales via web and I’m about to emerge into the land of the living.  Yes.  I’m going to venture out to the stores this Black Friday – and most likely – the entire weekend!

While I have about 295 days till my wedding, I can get great and discounted jewelry for the bridesmaids and other things for my September wedding.  I also may hold off till after Christmas to get some steals too.  I have a sneaking suspicion, there will be some incredible deals after Dec. 25!

Anyway, for the do-it-yourselfer’s (DIY) out there, you may want to check out these websites and print-up the coupons before you venture out this weekend…

Michaels – They have tons of votives, candles, invitations and other wedding favors.  If you don’t get the local paper, you can always print out the coupons online.  You do have to register, but it takes about three minutes.   You can get 25 percent off your entire purchase, including sales items.  Also, you can print one coupon off for 50 percent off one regular priced item. 

Jo-Ann Fabric – Ok, I didn’t find any online coupons, but they still have a ton of online sales.  If you happen to get the local paper, be sure to snag the coupons for various itesm – including 40 percent off on regular priced items.

Target – There are a ton of sales at Target and I’ve gotta tell you, they have some great DIY invitations, as well as baskets.  Check them out! 

Kohls – Now this place has some steals.  If you know what kind of jewelry you’re looking for your BM’s you may want to check out Kohls.  The great thing about these corporate stores is if you can always return the murchandise if you: A) Find better jewelry later B) Find a better deal after Christmas or C) Change your mind.  But, I’m telling you, this would be a great place to check out some things for BM gifts or favors.  They also have a great variety of frames and homegoods.

Macy’s – Macy’s has all kinds of coupons and sales going on.  You can go online and print up coupons if you didn’t get their mailers of if you didn’t get the local paper.  You may be able to find your brides and grooms toasting glasses or you could possibly find discounted BM jewelry.  It’s worth perusing the store. 

Any other great deals or steals out there?  Let me know!