I love the shape and look of this Nicole Miller gown! I wish I could find something similar in black! (Source:

What’s with bridesmaid dresses and how come some of them are so stinking ugly?!  Come on, not everyone is looking for a frilly little number that makes you look like a cupcake?  Oh, and furthermore, what’s with the anorexic girls modeling these dresses?  (I’d like to feed the Jim Hjelm model a burger!) 

My girls are real women with curves!  My one girlfriend said it best, “a size zero is the closest to a nobody as you’ll ever get and she’s definitely a somebody!”  (No offense to you size zero’s out there!) 

Can you tell I’m frustrated? Seriously, I wish you could just google “matte taffeta dress with ruched bodice” and an infinite number of gorgeous dresses would suddenly appear.  But, apparently, it doesn’t work that way.  So, I say GRRR.  I’ve looked at literally hundreds of dresses online and countless l’il numbers at the store.  I know what I want, I’m just not finding it.  So, I’m screaming for some help! 

What I’m looking for is something that looks like a full length Nicole Miller for a Davids Bridal price.  I want stretch taffetta – matte or irridescent – with a ruched bodice.

Here’s the numbers that I’m looking at…


So far, I have one BM who love #4 and another who loves the #7.  I need to find some middle ground!