The best gym for the money. And guys get kicked out for grunting!

Getting too big for your britches? Literally? Yeah, since going back to work this past Monday after two weeks off, the seams of my pants were none too happy.  Actually, I think they were screaming for reinforcements! 

No worries!  It’s that time of year anyway.  We all know that with the New Year comes resolutions.  And a lot of those resolutions have to do with physical fitness.  Whether it’s to shed some unwanted pounds, tone-up or to be more active in general, getting to gym becomes a priority (at least for a couple months!)

If you’re looking to join a gym, there are some pretty great deals out there… and there’s quite a few gyms to choose from.   My personal favorite is Lifetime Fitness, but it’s the least favorite for the pocket book.  

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gym, check out Planet Fitness.  I joined last year and only pay $10 per month.  No, they don’t offer the pool, classes or a racquetball court, but really, all I need is the cardio machines and the weight machines.   Their slogan is the “Judgement Free Zone” and what I like about this gym is that they don’t allow meatheads to drop weights and grunt and all that stuff us ladies hate!  

Since I was feeling ambitious earlier this week, I called a couple other gyms to see if they had any New Year deals.   But still, none as good as the everyday Planet Fitness price. These are all single prices, no couples or day care is in the price range price:

Bally’sMonthly fees range depending on what you’re looking for.  They do have a pool, classes and racquetball.  Start-up fee = $49 and monthly fees range from $38 – $60.

LA Fitness Monthly fee ranges depending if you want racquetball.  They have daycare, a pool, classes (yoga, pillattes, etc.)  and racquetball.  Start-up fee is around $149.  Monthly fee ranges from $49.99-59.00.  At the Bloomfield Twp location they have a deal starting at $29.99 because it’s still a new facility.   I almost broke and signed-up!

Lifetime Fitness – This one really ranges.  If you work at a “corporation” they’ll give you $50 off the enrollment fee.  Pool, classes and racquetball are included in the standard membership.  Enrollment fee is usually around $100 and the administrative fee is $75.  Monthly fee is $59.99.

Now it’s just a matter of getting to the gym!