A lot of you are waiting for an update on my Geektown Casino and Hotel visit.  I promise, I’ll get it up sometime this weekend.  After a much-needed two week holiday break, I headed back to work on Jan. 5, which also happened to be my b-day.  And last weekend, I caught that awful cold that’s going around!  So, much to my dismay, I’ve been working and sleeping instead of blogging this week! 

But, I do have a lot of updates about Greektown.  And, I plan to go back this Wednesday to see the completed ballroom.  I’ve got updates on florists and linens for knock out prices.  (My mom’s jaw dropped – literally – out of sheer shock at how inexpensive these quotes are – a sure STEAL!) I promise more to come about Greektown tonight or tomorrow and the other stuff next week!  Now I’m off to a snowy Detroit for my engagement pic session with Heather Saunders!