I am taken aback at how stunning this bride is!  Allow me to introduce, Detroit Bride Alessia. She was married to her longtime beau in a suburb of Detroit on New Year’s Eve 2008.  Talk about ringing in the New Year!

Isn’t her dress breathtaking?  When I saw the pictures after her Big Day, I was amazed at how incredibly beautiful she was in this tailor-made gown.   

Real Detroit Bride Alessia is breathtaking in her ML inspired gown!

Real Detroit Bride Alessia is breathtaking in her ML-inspired gown!

So, Michigan brides, I have to tell you her secret.  Alessia had her  designer-inspired, French lace dress made by Patty Weir of Haberman Fabric in Royal Oak, Mich.  I really haven’t seen anything like it!  It’s simply gorgeous.

So, if you’ve found the dress of your dreams, but it has an outrageously out-of-reach price… Call Patty.  She just might be able to make you the dress of your dreams for an incredibly practical price.

Patty at Haberman Fabric in Royal Oak