Not on her wedding day, they don’t!  

I’m personally not worried about this – And not because I think I’m ALL THAT – I just can’t recall ever going to a wedding where someone did trump the bride… Believe me, I’ve heard of girls who tried to!  Crazy, isn’t it?

But, who knows what your circumstances might be?  There are some crazies out there who like to try and trump the bride. (Yes, I call them CRAZIES.)  And, well, others are related to local or all-out celebrities.  If that were the case, what would you do in that situation?   

Here’s a great answer from… I love this Answer!

Question: One of my cousins is a local newscaster, and I’m afraid she’s going to upstage me and my fiancé at the wedding. Will it seem rude if I don’t invite her? This is my day, after all.

Answer: C’mon, now. You’re considering withholding an invitation to a family member because you’re worried that you won’t be the star of the show? Take a deep breath and listen up: At a wedding, no one—no matter how famous—can take the spotlight away from the bride and groom. All eyes will be focused on the two of you. At the same time, having a little celebrity glamour adds a fun buzz factor.

Good answer, isn’t it?  Do any of you have any ridiculous “bride upstaging stories?  If so, leave a comment!