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Destination: Far, far away.  

But, what I will share is my travel agent.  Seriously, some people out there just do things half-a$$ed.   Bug and I chatted with two other travel agents.  One of whom I’ve worked with for several years and the other who he worked with for years. (not anymore)  Yeah, we got the general stuff back.  But, it was like any other vaca we’ve been on.  Basically, it wasn’t anything special.  Then, couple Bob and Sara suggested Tami from Paradise Getaways.  (thanks you two)

I’ve gotta tell ya, she’s awesome!  She came back with a much better price, but with all the honeymoon extras. (Romance awaits!)  I think she did a little more perusing for deals and stuff than the other two.  We got all the bells and whistles!  So happy. 

So, if you’re really are set on some place but the price is too high or you want “extras,” give Tami a jingle, I think she’s got a magic keyboard over there… Oh, and she’s great for recommendations on where to go too!

Paradise Getaways, LLC
877-686-0397 Toll Free
269-327-0510 Local


So, yesterday I was told we’re going to have pay cuts.  But you know what?  Take it!  No qualms here.  If taking a reduction in pay (which is contingent on the economy and will be reversed when good time are back) helps preserve my job and those of my co-workers, I’ll gladly give it up.  <Digging in my purse> Hell, do they take donations?  Seriously, I work for a good company.

Last month, Bug got his pay slashed too.  But, we have jobs!  And, being that we’re in Detroit, we’re lucky – And, we know it.

I have to tell you all this:  In times of reassurance, I feel for my ring. (Usually, I do this incognito and use my left thumb.)  Well, yesterday I did this during the meeting and I got butterflies in my stomach – the good kind.  Why?  Because, he and I,.. we’re in this together.  No matter what happens with the economy or with ANYTHING, we’ll get through it and we’ll have each other.  And, it could be that my ring has special powers!

I hope all of you are faring well!

Cast your vote ladies.   I’m thinking of choosing several dresses from the Watters & Watters line for my ladies to pink from.  What to you think?  You think they can all be mixed and matched?  I think I’m switching it up to long dresses… Goin’ for the old Hollywood glam look.

**Also, Bridesmaids, please let me know what you think… Just leave a comment!  You know me – BRUTAL HONESTY works best!**

Seriously, what do you think… and I’m not just talking to my girls!  All opinions wanted and needed!  I love 1, 2 and 3…




I love to dance.  But, in all honesty, I think it’s safe to say sometimes I can dance.  And, sometimes I can’t.  Sometimes I look stiff and other times I feel fluid – though, I probably still look stiff.  

Bug and I have been talking about dance lessons for awhile… So, tonight we checked out the Fred Astaire dance studio in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.  All I have to say, is I LOVE it.  It’s so much fun and it’s so laidback.   Sign me up!  (And, they have a great deal going on.)  I can’t wait to dance with the stars in my living room! 

Bug and I were so impressed that we’ll probably do a little more dancing than we thought!  Talk about quality time with the one you love.  We’re going to do private dance lessons (which makes me think of Tina Turner’s song ‘Private Dancer) so hopefully we’ll look like pro’s at our wedding.  Really, I just want to graduate from the “sway” I learned back in junior high!   Anyway, when you sign-up for lessons you’re able to do the group dance classes every night.  Tonight we did the Samba or maybe it was something else…

If you’re considering dancing lessons for the wedding, definitely check it out!  It really is so much fun.   

Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Watch out Freddie…

Seriously, I’ve been perusing Craigslist for the last few weeks and nothing seemed blog worthy until as of late!  Here’s another little goodie of a deal… And, I bet you can barter this one!

25 Candelabras – $12 ea. (Grand Blanc)

One version with 3 tapered candles holder

The other version with 5 tapered candle holders

Original Post
Reply to:
Date: 2009-02-23, 8:16AM EST

14 beautiful high polished silver tone candleabras that hold 5 standard taper candles and 11 same style that hold 3 standard taper candles for sale. They were used one time as centerpieces at a formal wedding. They are stunning! They were purchased for 25.00 each but will sell for 12.00 each. Buyer pays shipping or pick them up.

I spent all night looking at bridesmaid dresses again.  What a waste of life.  That was harsh.  I suppose I’m just frustrated.  Or, maybe indecisive.

Ok, I acknowledge that it’s important. BUT, I’m done with this.  And, I want to be done with this.  PLEASE!  I want this part to be done with! 

I’m sorry I hate frills, bows and cutsie stuff, because if I embraced it, there wouldn’t be a problem!   Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and love all that is cute?  And, yes, I checked out J. Crew, Macy’s, Nordstrom and other stores.  I just didn’t find more than one or two dresses in the same fabric that I liked! 

I do want to thank the ladies who gave me suggestions earlier.  I’m checking out the custom made skirts… and I checked out Watters & Watters…  Good leads.  More to come about that tomorrow…

Now, I’m just waiting on feedback from the ladies!  I love brutal honesty.  Truly, I do.

Look at these damask table runners.. they can be all yours for $100.  She’ll even ship them to you.  She’s got 13 of these babies!

Black White/Ivory Damask Table Runners -$12 (Lexington, Port Huron)

Actual Post
Reply to:
Date: 2009-02-25, 2:17PM EST

These were made for my wedding reception 12″ x 72″ with a zig-zag hem (see photo) rectangle shape with OUT the tasseled ends. It is a medium weight canvas material with black bold Essence Onyx print. Everyone LOVED these!! This sale is for an *individual runner but I will sell the whole lot of 13 for $100 plus shipping.

I came across this on one of my new favorite blogs We Met in a Bar…  I love this idea.   Black should be fairly easy to find.  I wouldn’t even mind a white top. 

Frustration turned into inspiration.  (Sigh) Though, I still need some assistance… Any thoughts on this look?

Cool…I’m liken this look.

Source: We Met in a Bar via The Brides Cafe

I thought I found the one – and for a reasonable price.  But when I tried it on (my ladies are all over the map), I felt like it could potentially be a walking disaster.   And, it may need a lot of alterations – which I’d like to avoid…

What I’d like is to find a trumpet skirt – knee length or tea length and a variety of tops for the lovely ladies to choose from.  Seriously, what’s the deal?

Maybe I should just peruse for separates at a Nordstrom or Macy’s?

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?  Please help me.  

This was the dress I tried on by Impressions Bridal…
What I like about this is that they can choose what style top they want.  But I LOVE the trumpet skirt... This is my FAV. Imagine it in black!

I’m not one to treasure long standing traditions…. And, the thought of confetti never crossed my mind until I happened upon the rose confetti.  Now, I love the how vibrant the images are!  So pretty. 

Speaking of a tradition, did you know paper confetti was first documented in the 1890s?  I didn’t!  And, I don’t ever recall going to wedding where anyone threw confetti.  It was either rice or bubbles…  But I love the idea!  Pretty, pretty.

 Such a gorgeous picture

Muy Bonita!


And how do I get there?  More rose inspiration. (I’m a bit obsessed at the moment!)


There’s just something very romantic about the idea of being showered with rose petals as we walk down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. ‘I Do.’    Ever since I saw this picture, I just ohh and ahhh over the idea.   I love it.   Love it so much that we’re borrowing the idea!  (And, yes, I’m borrowing the white rose-lined aisle!)  For the confetti, I think we might have red and white rose petals – It’s so pretty and colorful!  But really, not sure yet!  Thank you, pretty bride, whoever you might be.  And for those who know, me, roses fit nicely, don’t ya think?  (play on words!)

Ever since I relayed the rose petal revelation to “The Blogstalker” (aka: mom) she’s been perusing wedding blogs to learn more…  Here’s what we learned.

Don’t use the real thing when it comes to the darker-colored roses – if they’re moist, they can stain your gorgeous white dress!  (EEEeeek, the thought horrifies me!)  I will have no qualms with using fake-fakey petals.  They’re cost-effective, no potential to stain the dress and they’ll look just as gorgeous in pictures.

Oh, and, I read on the Incredible Brides blog that some venues do not allow real rose petals because they stain the floor and some may charge you a clean-up fee!  It’s best to call and ask.  Though, I’d rather beg for forgiveness and finaggle my way out of any fees! 

Now, we just have to figure out where to get them for a very COST-EFFECTIVE price and how to package them for the guests, which is the fun part!

Thank You, Masonic Temple Bride

I like this one, too!  I love the pop of color!  (sigh.. so in love)


It’ll come as no shock that my mom came across this wonderful idea on  One Love Photo’s photography blog.  I think it’s a beautiful idea and wanted to share. 

This bride and groom literally paraded with their guests from their ceremony site to their reception site.  They even had a high school marching band to boot!

  One Love Photography: Love ParadeBloveparade


 Source: One Love Photography (great website!)

My Detroit Wedding Note: Besides the fact that Bug and I aren’t a parade kind a couple…  between you and me, I don’t think the Detroit nay-sayers (yeah, I have a couple of those in the fam) would like parading from the Masonic Temple to Greektown Casino Hotel.

But, what a cute idea!

The other night, during dinner, my mom and I asked Kenny, aka BUG, if he wanted a groom’s cake. 

Before I tell you what he said, I have to tell you the conversation my mom and I had prior to asking Kenny.

MOM: Do you think Kenny wants a groom’s cake?

ME:  Seriously, mom?  Kenny won’t even know what we’re talking about!  And really, what would it look like? 

( In my mind, I pictured the armadillo cake from the movie Steel Magnolias.)

MOM: Hmmm. We can take a screen shot of Craigslist and have them make a Craigslist cake!  (a hugh cackle of a laugh ensues!)

Seriously, I laughed so hard I cried.  Bug LOVES Craiglist.  He’s the craigslist master.  When the dog ate our couch, he was even able to sell that!  HA.  (I’m cracking up thinking about it!)

This is the couch our dog ate!

Anyway, he said, “what the hell’s a grooms cake?”  So, NO, no groom’s cake!

Really, what’s the point anyway?  I’d like to know who’s doing a groom’s cake? Just curious?!

OK, I’m not doing DIY centerpieces for the guest tables at the reception.  We actually hired a very reasonably priced florist.  BUT – We are doing DIY centerpieces for our “themed lounge” (more details about that later).  My mom’s borrowing 5x5x5 vases from her friend (Thanks, Friend!) and we’re using some for the guest tables and the left over for our little loungy-lounge, which we really have no budget for… (seriously, pennies) 

For the guest lounge we’re going to fill the vases with water and put one large fake red rose in it – and then have votives surrounding it.  So, my mom’s been lurking around town looking for the best-prices on the most real-looking fake flowers.  She found these beautiful silk red roses at  Garden Ridge for less than $1 each (74 cents)!  And when the rose is wet, it looks soooooo real!  We were really surprised!  Check it out.

Next to nothing centerpieces
I’m so wowed!  This would be super pretty for guest table centerpieces, too! Scatter some real rose petals from Costco (shuck those petals off the stem yourself) around the vase and surround it with votives and you’re all set!  So, if you’re on a super tight budget, and if you could borrow vases, this look would be next to nothing!   I’m liking that idea…

DIY Centerpiecesimg_3431


So, last night we went to my mom’s house for dinner… and she surprised me with a mock-up of the DIY rose ice cubes.   I should have taken a picture, but honestly, I was too busy taking pics of the food to show my brothers what they missed! (they live in Dallas and Napa)  And, by the time I thought of a picture, they were half-melted.

But, this is what we learned:

  • The ice cubes were cloudy so we either need to boil the water twice or get distilled water.
  • The small ice cubes completely melt in about 30 minutes (is it worth the effort?  won’t last past the cocktail hour?)
  • We need a bigger ice tray or some other tray, so we have larger cubes (also, bigger ones’ll last longer!)
  • Fiance suggested round cubes…. that would look cool.  (We’re thinking of freezing them in water ballons, but would that work? You’ll find out)

Any other suggestions to make this bad boys last longer or come out differently?

img_3414We’re actually using red or purple roses, but my mom had yellow on hand!


The ice cube tray has such small cubes! 

Love this,  I came across this inspiration board by Elizabeth Designs and it took my breath way…  Thought I would share.  This is EXACTLY what I envision for my day. 

Inspiration Board: Dark and Elegant
dark and elegant candlelight wedding inspiration boardby Elizabeth Designs

First, I came across the image and then I read the story.  I love it.  Sometimes I wish it were the two of us getting married in the middle of the woods.  In this case, it was the two of them and a photographer.  cool.

Read their story
Candle lit wedding 1 by Tim Boehm Photography.

Candle lit wedding 3 by Tim Boehm Photography.

Source: Tim Boehm Photography

I can’t tell you how many Detroit ceremony sites we stalked-out this past fall!   Just take a look at the Ceremony Site Guide.  We went to most all of them! 

But after all that searching, we finally decided on The Masonic Temple in Detroit.   (Click here for a full venue profile and costs.)  Isn’t it stunning? 

Originally, we wanted to get married outside – so, this is definitely something completely different that what we were looking for.  And – we’re doing a candlelit ceremony. 

I love how midieval it looks.  See the stage?  I’m thinking of lining it with large candles and votivies.  Ideally, I’d love to have candles down the aisle, but I don’t my dress to go up in flames.  I want to make an entrance, but not like that!  See this post…

Any ideas on how I can incorporate more candles?  I’d love some feedback!

Our Ceremony Site: The Masonic Temple Chapelmasonic-templeSource

Fit For a King – Here’s the Groom’s room!

Fiance loves this room!  Really, I think it’s probably the number one reason he wanted it here so bad!  Ok, maybe not…

Another Bride…

Source: Amber Lights Blog

I love this image of the guests tossing white rose petals and the look of it on the red carpet!

This is how we want to do it…   And we have just the place, too!  Isn’t it pretty? Isn’t it romantic? 

I need to figure out how to do this inexpensively.  More details to come.


Source: The Everyday Bride

<Huff> And so does the economy.  Really, who wants to plan a wedding while we’re in the bowels of an economic crisis?  Bug and I both work in the auto industry and – I don’t have to tell you – times, they are a tough in the Motor City.  Hell – they’re tough every where! 

I go through spurts of worry.  I take a look at our budget and think how can we shave things here and there?  Or, I wonder if I should start stuffing money in the mattress?  Or, hmm, can we just reschedule this shin dig?

When it comes down to it, you can shave the budget.  And, there are a lot of things you can do yourself (DIY).  Articles come out all the time on how to shave our wedding budgets.  Like this, or this or this.  (check out my previous posts.)


Flowers – Snip, snip.  I cut that budget in half!  But I found a super amazing florist for a super fabulous price!  (I’ll talk more about her later!) We’re borrowing vases from a friend and using all the great goodie love Greektown Casino Hotel provides (votives, hurricane vases, centerpiece mirrors and more).  I wish I could DIY flowers, but I can’t imagine being stressed about it.  When stressed, I break out in this splotchy red rash.  Seriously, not pretty.  So, not going that route.  But I am getting a l’il creative here and there.

Cake – Mmmm, cake.  But really, my caboose could do without it!  On second thought, the cake can be downsized… Hello sheetcake… they’ll never know!

Shoes – Goodbye Cynthia Rowley.  So sad, really,  But, I’ll bedazzle a less pricey version of you.

Save-the-date – Not everyone’s getting one.  Anyway, it’s not necessary.  Besides, I’s broke!

Invitations – Hello card stock, good-bye 800 inserts.  Printer, please by my friend?! (And, I’m on the lookout for some coupons…)

Dress Alterations – Why can’t I sew?  I’ll have to shop around since I don’t want my alterations to cost 1/3 of the price I paid for the dress.  For real people!

Hair – Anyone who knows me… knows my hair is what it is.  So, assistance is necessary.

Make-up – Same as above.  Why can’t I be more girlie?

Linens – This is my mom’s special DIY project.  I promise to tell you more about it later.  She’s collecting JoAnn Fabric coupons from all of her pals.  You go MOM!  We’re selling those beaut’s after the wedding.

Card box – Yet another one of my mom’s special DIY projects.  She called it and I let her have it!  I’ll have to take a picy-pic when she’s done.  I’m sure it’ll eventually be on Craigslist.

Themed rooms – We still have lots of times for those arts and craft projects.  Also, again utilizing all the Greektown Casino Hotel has to offer!

Jewelry– My mom is in the vintage jewerly biz, so we’ll be perusing estate sales.  (Killer prices)

Getting in shape – $H!T!  I better get on that. 

So I know, even if the economy wasn’t in shambles, I’d still be on a tight budget.  Anyway, those are just my random wedding thoughts as I try to shave the budget and fare this economic downturn…  If you have any other suggestions, I’m game!

Thank you 10,000 only.  I love this idea.  This is what I want to put in our bridal party’s rooms the night of the wedding.   I think it’s perfect! 

Things We Love About You! – Kenny and I can bake our little hearts out.  (He likes making breads and bagels.  And, I like baking the sweeter things in life!)  What a thoughtful little detail… 

Source: A 10,000 Wedding via Frolic

So, as usual, on my drive into work this morning, I’m chatting with my mom.  And, as usual, we’re talking about the wedding! 

And, get this… as I pull into the parking lot ready to change my mindset from wedding to work  (at least until my lunch break) my mom tells me about some little wedding detail idea. 

Natually, I ask, “Where did you find that tip?”

She says, “A wedding blog, dear.  That’s what I do all day!”  (As she laughs!)

Apparently, she’s going down Vingage Glam’s blogroll and perusing the nooks and crannies of each blog!  I’m so jealous! 

I must say,… my mom has become an incredible resource! Love ya, mom!

just a note – She works full time in the health care industry, so she works three to four 12-hour shifts a week and then has the other days free.  I want her hours!  (Though I wouldn’t want her job!)

Source: Smart Kid Publishing

This little Black Dress is like no other!  I came across this stunning Nicole Miller creation on Style My Pretty.  This might just be the dress!   And, ordering through you can get this Nicole Miller for a steal.  Question to self:  Why have I not looked on BlueFly before today?

What do you think of this?  I need some opinions…

Nicole Miller Dress on

Say hello to my new friends… Benjamin Adams, Cynthia Rowley, Filippa Scott and Fifi… Now that my dress is in, I’m lovin’ shoe shopping.  Here’s some that strike my fancy… I’m thinking I can bedazzle my heels myself with a vintage broochs, a pair of vintage clip-on earrings or sweater clips!  Ah, the possibilities…

Cynthia Rowley Image


Benjamin Adams 




From the moment I met you, I knew I wanted to see more of you.  And when I saw more of you, I couldn’t get enough of you – You touch a part of my heart i thought was untouchable.   

Thank you for making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts.  Thank you for making me want to be a better person… and thank you for loving me despite my many imperfections.

You’re a kind and genuine person… A good man by any measure.  I’m more than lucky to have you in my heart and I’m honored to someday be your wife.

With lots of love, Happy Valentines Day,


For the last few days… I’ve had my dress on my mind.   And, for the first time since I saw it, I’ve  been having doubts.   I want an old hollywood glam dress and I’ve been unsure if the one – I already bought and paid for- was The One.  And, to make matter’s worse,  I’ve been having strange dreams about my gown not being finished on my wedding day.  So, needless to say, I’ve been worried.   

Well, I ordered my dress back in October, so I was expecting to hear from Demetrios later next month.  Coincidentally, just as I was thinking about my dress, I got a call telling me it’s in and has been for the last couple days!   I scheduled an appointment the very next day…  I even had them pull the one I was thinking might be the better gown.

So, of course I had my mom meet me there… Well, when I put my brand new fitted gown on, it didn’t look like I had envisioned it.  The sample gown I orginially tried on was a size 16, so we had to cinch that bad boy into place.  And this made-to-order gown didn’t hit where I thought it would.  Disappointed.  I took it off to try the other one on. 

When I put that one on, it definitely was NOT the one!  I liked that it was a little more hollywood glam-esk, but NOPE not the one.  Then, I tried on my gown again and Kaleen (Demetrios’ fabulous assistant) cinched a little here, a little there, and va-va-va-voom it was PERFECT!!! 

My mom said the dress reminded her of a barbie doll she had when she was a kid… Vintage Barbie in the Spot Light!  While, the dress is different from this, and I’m going for a stark white as opposed to a sultry black, I see the similarities.  If this isn’t old Hollywood glam, I don’t know what is!  Thanks Barbie!

(Source: Ok, so my dress doesn't look exactly like this... I'm more simple than all the glitter and the tutu puff on the bottom... But you get my point, right?



For as much as I HATE being in front of a camera…. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my engagement pictures.  Thank you Heather for being you!  You made me feel comfortable in front of the camera, you took some amazing shots and I love my urban pics.  You’re awesome!  I love how they tell about the day rather than showing us looking at the camera!

For our engagement pic session my Bug and I headed down to Greektown on a snowy Sunday morning.  Here’s some of my urban favs!

Me & My Guy: Lucky In Love

All Images Courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography




larose0341 larose090




Heather Saunder Photography.  Isn't this pic so artsy and urban?  I love it!  Thanks for the sneak peek Heather!

I love the idea of incorporating vintage glass into the wedding.  If you’re having a vintage glam-esk or old hollywood theme, it makes sense, right!  I love these vintage glasses I saw on Vintage Glam Weddings!  If only I could find 150 of them for the champagne toast! 

How great would these look with candles in them!

Source: Vintage Glam Weddings

Also, I’m on the hunt for two vintage bowls for these DIY ice cubes, also seen on the fabulous Vintage Glam blog!

Are you and your Valentine feeling daring this weekend?  Then I dare you to get down and dirty in the D!   The Dirty Show International Erotic Art Exhibition is coming to town this Valentine’s Day weekend. 

The show features Erotic Art in all forms –  Photography, Painting, Illustration, Mixed Media, Video and Performance. This annual Valentine’s ritual is now celebrating 10 years.   The show will be held at Bert’s Theatre in Detroit from on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.

Dare I say, it should make for an intersting weekend!

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