You’ve got to get your hands on this month’s edition of Hour Detroit Magazine.  It’s got some great bridal articles for us Metro Detroit brides /   One of the article’s is about nuptial hindsite and takes a look at what 10 Metro Detroit couples would have done differently on their wedding day.  Seriously, you hear it all the time… what people would change if they could go back.  My mom said she wishes they had more pictures!  And my sister-in-law wishes they had hired a videographer…   

And, there’s this great article about Michigan honeymoon destinations, which includes a favorite locale of mine… Chateau Chantel on Old Mission Pennisula in Traverse City.  It’s simply beautiful and a perfect honeymoon destination!  And, I have to make mention that the images of the urban wedding they featured, were taken by my photographer Heather Saunders.  Click here to get a sneek peak of the urban pics. She’s awesome!      

Anyway, there’s tons more in the February issue…  If you see one, grab it –  It’s worth the read!

Hour Detroit) The Cover of February's edition of Hour Detroit Magazine