For the last few days… I’ve had my dress on my mind.   And, for the first time since I saw it, I’ve  been having doubts.   I want an old hollywood glam dress and I’ve been unsure if the one – I already bought and paid for- was The One.  And, to make matter’s worse,  I’ve been having strange dreams about my gown not being finished on my wedding day.  So, needless to say, I’ve been worried.   

Well, I ordered my dress back in October, so I was expecting to hear from Demetrios later next month.  Coincidentally, just as I was thinking about my dress, I got a call telling me it’s in and has been for the last couple days!   I scheduled an appointment the very next day…  I even had them pull the one I was thinking might be the better gown.

So, of course I had my mom meet me there… Well, when I put my brand new fitted gown on, it didn’t look like I had envisioned it.  The sample gown I orginially tried on was a size 16, so we had to cinch that bad boy into place.  And this made-to-order gown didn’t hit where I thought it would.  Disappointed.  I took it off to try the other one on. 

When I put that one on, it definitely was NOT the one!  I liked that it was a little more hollywood glam-esk, but NOPE not the one.  Then, I tried on my gown again and Kaleen (Demetrios’ fabulous assistant) cinched a little here, a little there, and va-va-va-voom it was PERFECT!!! 

My mom said the dress reminded her of a barbie doll she had when she was a kid… Vintage Barbie in the Spot Light!  While, the dress is different from this, and I’m going for a stark white as opposed to a sultry black, I see the similarities.  If this isn’t old Hollywood glam, I don’t know what is!  Thanks Barbie!

(Source: Ok, so my dress doesn't look exactly like this... I'm more simple than all the glitter and the tutu puff on the bottom... But you get my point, right?