<Huff> And so does the economy.  Really, who wants to plan a wedding while we’re in the bowels of an economic crisis?  Bug and I both work in the auto industry and – I don’t have to tell you – times, they are a tough in the Motor City.  Hell – they’re tough every where! 

I go through spurts of worry.  I take a look at our budget and think how can we shave things here and there?  Or, I wonder if I should start stuffing money in the mattress?  Or, hmm, can we just reschedule this shin dig?

When it comes down to it, you can shave the budget.  And, there are a lot of things you can do yourself (DIY).  Articles come out all the time on how to shave our wedding budgets.  Like this, or this or this.  (check out my previous posts.)


Flowers – Snip, snip.  I cut that budget in half!  But I found a super amazing florist for a super fabulous price!  (I’ll talk more about her later!) We’re borrowing vases from a friend and using all the great goodie love Greektown Casino Hotel provides (votives, hurricane vases, centerpiece mirrors and more).  I wish I could DIY flowers, but I can’t imagine being stressed about it.  When stressed, I break out in this splotchy red rash.  Seriously, not pretty.  So, not going that route.  But I am getting a l’il creative here and there.

Cake – Mmmm, cake.  But really, my caboose could do without it!  On second thought, the cake can be downsized… Hello sheetcake… they’ll never know!

Shoes – Goodbye Cynthia Rowley.  So sad, really,  But, I’ll bedazzle a less pricey version of you.

Save-the-date – Not everyone’s getting one.  Anyway, it’s not necessary.  Besides, I’s broke!

Invitations – Hello card stock, good-bye 800 inserts.  Printer, please by my friend?! (And, I’m on the lookout for some coupons…)

Dress Alterations – Why can’t I sew?  I’ll have to shop around since I don’t want my alterations to cost 1/3 of the price I paid for the dress.  For real people!

Hair – Anyone who knows me… knows my hair is what it is.  So, assistance is necessary.

Make-up – Same as above.  Why can’t I be more girlie?

Linens – This is my mom’s special DIY project.  I promise to tell you more about it later.  She’s collecting JoAnn Fabric coupons from all of her pals.  You go MOM!  We’re selling those beaut’s after the wedding.

Card box – Yet another one of my mom’s special DIY projects.  She called it and I let her have it!  I’ll have to take a picy-pic when she’s done.  I’m sure it’ll eventually be on Craigslist.

Themed rooms – We still have lots of times for those arts and craft projects.  Also, again utilizing all the Greektown Casino Hotel has to offer!

Jewelry– My mom is in the vintage jewerly biz, so we’ll be perusing estate sales.  (Killer prices)

Getting in shape – $H!T!  I better get on that. 

So I know, even if the economy wasn’t in shambles, I’d still be on a tight budget.  Anyway, those are just my random wedding thoughts as I try to shave the budget and fare this economic downturn…  If you have any other suggestions, I’m game!