OK, I’m not doing DIY centerpieces for the guest tables at the reception.  We actually hired a very reasonably priced florist.  BUT – We are doing DIY centerpieces for our “themed lounge” (more details about that later).  My mom’s borrowing 5x5x5 vases from her friend (Thanks, Friend!) and we’re using some for the guest tables and the left over for our little loungy-lounge, which we really have no budget for… (seriously, pennies) 

For the guest lounge we’re going to fill the vases with water and put one large fake red rose in it – and then have votives surrounding it.  So, my mom’s been lurking around town looking for the best-prices on the most real-looking fake flowers.  She found these beautiful silk red roses at  Garden Ridge for less than $1 each (74 cents)!  And when the rose is wet, it looks soooooo real!  We were really surprised!  Check it out.

Next to nothing centerpieces
I’m so wowed!  This would be super pretty for guest table centerpieces, too! Scatter some real rose petals from Costco (shuck those petals off the stem yourself) around the vase and surround it with votives and you’re all set!  So, if you’re on a super tight budget, and if you could borrow vases, this look would be next to nothing!   I’m liking that idea…

DIY Centerpiecesimg_3431