The other night, during dinner, my mom and I asked Kenny, aka BUG, if he wanted a groom’s cake. 

Before I tell you what he said, I have to tell you the conversation my mom and I had prior to asking Kenny.

MOM: Do you think Kenny wants a groom’s cake?

ME:  Seriously, mom?  Kenny won’t even know what we’re talking about!  And really, what would it look like? 

( In my mind, I pictured the armadillo cake from the movie Steel Magnolias.)

MOM: Hmmm. We can take a screen shot of Craigslist and have them make a Craigslist cake!  (a hugh cackle of a laugh ensues!)

Seriously, I laughed so hard I cried.  Bug LOVES Craiglist.  He’s the craigslist master.  When the dog ate our couch, he was even able to sell that!  HA.  (I’m cracking up thinking about it!)

This is the couch our dog ate!

Anyway, he said, “what the hell’s a grooms cake?”  So, NO, no groom’s cake!

Really, what’s the point anyway?  I’d like to know who’s doing a groom’s cake? Just curious?!