There’s just something very romantic about the idea of being showered with rose petals as we walk down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. ‘I Do.’    Ever since I saw this picture, I just ohh and ahhh over the idea.   I love it.   Love it so much that we’re borrowing the idea!  (And, yes, I’m borrowing the white rose-lined aisle!)  For the confetti, I think we might have red and white rose petals – It’s so pretty and colorful!  But really, not sure yet!  Thank you, pretty bride, whoever you might be.  And for those who know, me, roses fit nicely, don’t ya think?  (play on words!)

Ever since I relayed the rose petal revelation to “The Blogstalker” (aka: mom) she’s been perusing wedding blogs to learn more…  Here’s what we learned.

Don’t use the real thing when it comes to the darker-colored roses – if they’re moist, they can stain your gorgeous white dress!  (EEEeeek, the thought horrifies me!)  I will have no qualms with using fake-fakey petals.  They’re cost-effective, no potential to stain the dress and they’ll look just as gorgeous in pictures.

Oh, and, I read on the Incredible Brides blog that some venues do not allow real rose petals because they stain the floor and some may charge you a clean-up fee!  It’s best to call and ask.  Though, I’d rather beg for forgiveness and finaggle my way out of any fees! 

Now, we just have to figure out where to get them for a very COST-EFFECTIVE price and how to package them for the guests, which is the fun part!

Thank You, Masonic Temple Bride

I like this one, too!  I love the pop of color!  (sigh.. so in love)