Destination: Far, far away.  

But, what I will share is my travel agent.  Seriously, some people out there just do things half-a$$ed.   Bug and I chatted with two other travel agents.  One of whom I’ve worked with for several years and the other who he worked with for years. (not anymore)  Yeah, we got the general stuff back.  But, it was like any other vaca we’ve been on.  Basically, it wasn’t anything special.  Then, couple Bob and Sara suggested Tami from Paradise Getaways.  (thanks you two)

I’ve gotta tell ya, she’s awesome!  She came back with a much better price, but with all the honeymoon extras. (Romance awaits!)  I think she did a little more perusing for deals and stuff than the other two.  We got all the bells and whistles!  So happy. 

So, if you’re really are set on some place but the price is too high or you want “extras,” give Tami a jingle, I think she’s got a magic keyboard over there… Oh, and she’s great for recommendations on where to go too!

Paradise Getaways, LLC
877-686-0397 Toll Free
269-327-0510 Local