So, yesterday I was told we’re going to have pay cuts.  But you know what?  Take it!  No qualms here.  If taking a reduction in pay (which is contingent on the economy and will be reversed when good time are back) helps preserve my job and those of my co-workers, I’ll gladly give it up.  <Digging in my purse> Hell, do they take donations?  Seriously, I work for a good company.

Last month, Bug got his pay slashed too.  But, we have jobs!  And, being that we’re in Detroit, we’re lucky – And, we know it.

I have to tell you all this:  In times of reassurance, I feel for my ring. (Usually, I do this incognito and use my left thumb.)  Well, yesterday I did this during the meeting and I got butterflies in my stomach – the good kind.  Why?  Because, he and I,.. we’re in this together.  No matter what happens with the economy or with ANYTHING, we’ll get through it and we’ll have each other.  And, it could be that my ring has special powers!

I hope all of you are faring well!