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Sooo, I’m heading to Phoenix for my friend’s wedding on Thursday.  And, I was told to pack my bathing suit.  I said “ok.”  But I was really thinking WHAT!?  HELL NO!  Are you serious?   I am sooooooo not ready for a debut of my pastry-padded derriere.  I’ve got at least six more Michigan weeks before I shed down to the bikini.  This is not good. 



Morely Candy and Germack Pastachio Company.  These are two of my favorite Metro Detroit companies.  Remember school fundraisers?  I grew up selling Morley candy, which means I ate a lot of Morely Candy.  I would spend all my allowance money on the chocolate peanut butter blocks.  They’re one of my all time favs. 

I think these two are perfect choices to include in the out-of-town guest bags.  My advice would be to wait for a sale at the Morely Candy store and buy in bulk.  They have a perfect sampler box called the Four Favorites or the Almond Pecan-dy Crunch is always an oldie but goodie.


And the Germack Pistachio Company has an amazing assortment of nuts, fruits, taffy and chocolate-covered deliciousness.   Hands down, they have the best pistachios.  This is an old time Detroit favorite!  Also, if you buy in bulk or look for a sale, you’re sure to get a great deal. 


I thought I’d follow-up my last post with this one.   Lakes Cakes is where I came undone.  (One of the best buttercream frostings I’ve ever tasted.  Not too sweet, not too grainy, just the right amount of creamy sweetness.)

A little background: When I started pricing out cakes I found that most bakeries charge $2.75 and up per slice.  One of my favorite bakery’s the Townsend Bakery in Birmingham, Mich. start at more than $5 per slice. (Ouch.)  Whereas Sweet Dreams bakery offers cakes that are $1.99 per slice, but they only make cake with rolled fondant icing.  I’m personally not a big fan of it.  

I was 99 percent sure we were going to book Mannino’s, the bakery near my childhood home in Sterling Heights, Mich.  They are absolutely amazing.  While they have great prices, what we wanted was more than what we wanted to spend on a cake. (And, they start at out $2.75 per slice, which isn’t bad.) 

Low and behold another who’s tying the knot in May highly recommended Lakes Cakes in Commerce, Mich.  When it comes to food, this May Bride has impeccable taste, so I called Heide and made an appointment.  A couple things that I liked right away about this particular vendor was they have really competitive pricing for the product they provide and, like many of our other vendors, their store front is also their homefront.  

Lakes Cakes start at $2.60 per slice – and this is a torte style cake with buttercream frosting.  For $3 a slice, you can opt for the torte style cake with a filling of your choice.  

When we met with Heidi she talked with us about several different options that would help drive the price down but still give us the cake we wanted.  From fake cakes to partially fake cakes or a smaller cake with sheet cake in the back, there are options for everyone.  

To sample, she gave us generous servings of nine different cakes to taste: white, yellow, lemon, cherry, marble, banana, spice, chocolate and red velvet.   The white cake is the most amazing white cake I’ve ever tasted.  We both were so incredibly impressed.  And, we sampled seven fillings: cassada, bavarian cream, white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, rasberry mousse, rasberry coulis and lemon tart.  Of all the fillings we tried, I still loved the buttercream. 

Needless to say, we were incredibly impressed with Lakes Cakes.  We’re able to get the cake we want for a spectacular price.  And, it exceeds my cake tasting standard! 

Lakes Cakes

For the last 15 months I’ve been on a roll.   (Rolls, I love those too.)  During this time, I have not said no to any cake, cookie or cupcake that was offered to me.  Some were worth the calories and other were not.

But, I think my cake-eating rampage is over.  At approximately 7:15 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, I OD’ed on cake and buttercream frosting.  On Friday I suffered from all kinds of burning senstations in my belly for most of the day.  I’ve never experienced side effects for that long before. 

Story is, Bug and I had our first cake tasting appointment.   We tasted 9 different cakes and 7 different fillings.  And, I have to say, the buttercream frosting may be the best I’ve ever had.  (It may be better than the Townsend Bakery. Maybe.)  The frosting itself  was my gateway drug.  Mmm.  So good.  

All the cake was perfectly moist and had just the right consistency.  At one point, I put my fork down and ate with my hands.  (I’m sure it wasn’t the most lady like scene.) I was a monster.  It was delicious, but exhausting.  

And I wonder why it’s hard to tone up my back side these days. 

Me Know.  Me Have Problem.


“And what does he do?”  I know some of you know where that’s from!  It’s an Arnold quote from Kindergarten Cop.  

Arnold, as in Schwarzenegger, as in the Govenor of California will be in town in about a month to speak at an automotive tradeshow in Detroit.  I have every intention of getting a picture with him.  

Why?  My two brothers have been speaking Arnold-speak since forever.   It’s like their secret language.  And, if I get this picture, every b-day card, christmas card and whatever card I give to them for the rest of my life will have the pic of Arnold and I on it.  In the land of sibling, it will be my greatest feat ever.  I know.  I’m a dork.  But, still cross your fingers!


For those of you who hold the University of Michigan or Michigan State close to your hearts, here’s an idea for you.  Sparty Bars or U of M bars from Michigan-based Morley Candy Co.  I like this idea either for the out-town gift bags or for the wedding favors.  And, they’re good, by the way.  Really good.

Morley Candy Sparty or Go Blue Candy Bars – $2.25 each morely-candy-sparty-and-blue-bars

I received a couple emails over the last week asking for suggestions about what to include in the out-of-towner guest bags.  And, it got me thinking… There are so many wonderful things about Detroit and Michigan that our guests should know about and experience, it’ll be hard to narrow it down.  For Bug and I, we’re all about showing them what this town and region is about. 

Over the next couple days I’ll post some ideas.  And, if you have ideas you’d like to share, please let me know!  I’d love to include them. 

This first one is my fav.  While all of these items aren’t made in Detroit, they’re definitely made in Michigan.

Detroit Old Time Fav’s

Michigan Made Products and Image Sources:
Faygo, Vernors, Jiffy Mix, Kowalski Sausage, Stroh’s Beer (there’s also Stroh’s ice cream), Kelloggs’ Corn Flakes, Saunders Hot Fudge, Bettermade Potato Chips, Michigan wines.

Some other food items I didn’t include here are: Pinconning cheese, Cadillac Coffee, Mackinac Island Fudge, Michigan Cherry foods.   There’s so much out there! 

I personally love the idea of including the chips, soda and coffee. 

Some of you know that our dog Diesel is an eating machine.  To date, he’s chewed-up my cell phone, my camera, 6 pairs of my shoes, 2 pairs of Bug’s shoes, 3 of Bug’s hats, an ungodly amount of underwear, a couple of my tank tops, several socks (which are his personal fav’s) and the leather couch.  Thankfully, he’s still alive. 

 Well, when I got home today he chewed-up the Save this Date stamp that I was going to take back to Michaels.  (I failed miserably at embossing.)  AND he got into the save-the-date envelopes.  One was chewed and the rest were scattered on the floor.   They were on the desk, too, out of doggy site.  Perhaps he’s bitter that he’s not invited to the wedding? 

Can you imagine?  

This is the Monster in question. 

Came across this find… If you’re looking for a candy table, this might be a good start.  Though, I think the price could definitely be negotiated! 

Wedding candy table – $175

Original Post
Reply to:
Date: 2009-03-25, 3:04PM EDT

Included in this sale are 15 glass jars used only once at my wedding to create a candy table. Also included are clear plastic scoops- 8 small scopps (3 oz), and 3 large (5 oz). The candy table was the talk of the wedding, all of the guests loved it! If you would like pictures of the individual jars or scoops, please email me. The supplies to create the candy table cost around $400. If you would like information about where I bought the colored candym let me know!

Ok, I’ve had enough with this thing.  The story is, this blemish (aka – zit from hell) first appeared in early January.  It was the day of our engagement pic session, which also was the first day of press days for the Detroit Auto Show. 

Well, feeding of stress and it’s own natural progression, this thing grew into a sizeable un-attraction.  My co-workers and I even referred to it as ‘The Jenny.’  (You’ll get it if you live in the Mitten State)   Anway, after about 10 days, The Jenny healed but left a sizeable blemish (I think it’s a scar because I messed with it) on my face that looks like a freckle. 

First question:  What gives?  It’s been more than three months!  When will this bad boy be gone for good? 

Second question: Because I think stress brought it on, now I worry that I’ll get one on or right before my wedding day.  Sheesh, it sounds like I could get one just worrying about getting one!  Is there anything I can do or use to combat a future zit from hell?  (I’m thinking no.) 

When will it be gone for good?  I was hoping yesterday.

Remember when we were kids and time seemed to drag by?  Not anymore… Now it flies by!  Crazy how that works.


A couple weeks ago I called a linen vendor to ask about different types of linen.  And it really irked me when I asked about poly/cotton blends and she said “All my linens are quality linens.  And I would never carry polyester blends.  This is for a wedding, right?” 

For real?  Are you trying to make me feel like a loser for asking about poly blends?  I say, get over yourself Linen Lady.  That’s not a feel good call.  Needless to say, I haven’t called her back. 

Just a little clarity here – It doesn’t take taffeta, satin or lamore to dramatically change the look of your wedding.  Color dramatically changes the look of your wedding. 

And really, are any of your guests going to notice?  No.  They’re going to see the overall effect.

So, if you want to use a poly blend linen, do it.  If you have the budget for more elaborate linens and that’s what you want, go for it.  Do with what you’re comfortable with.  Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choices.  There are far better things to worry about.

Yeah, what of it?Source

You have to read this post from Meg at A Practical Wedding.  Read it, come back and tell me what you think.


I needed to read this post today.  Why?  Because I fight guilt.  Defining your wedding budget is such a personal decision.  Bug and I have a budget.  It was the first thing we defined.   We pay as we go and won’t have a lick of “wedding debt” after it’s over. But, sometimes I worry what others will think.  Will they see the photobooth and think what a waste of money?  Will they see chaircovers and think “I can’t believe they spent $$ on that?”   And, I don’t want to explain myself OR the incredible deals I’ve been getting.  (AND, they’re out there people.  Time, research and being nice go a looong way.)   Fiance gets really frustrated when I even think I have to explain our wedding decisions to anyone. 

Other times when I read some wedding blogs I think, wow, our budget is significantly more than theirs. I feel guilty and then I’ll cut here and cut there and rethink, and think and rethink.    

See how it can be a vicious circle? 

That’s why, when I read that post today, I felt better.  She’s right. It’s about being honest about – and – with your budget.  First and foremost, our wedding is about us.  Our marriage.  Our love.  Our new life together.  And, of course sharing it with the people we love.  We’re not putting on a show.  We’re not in a competition with what others have or will be doing.  We want our friends and family to celebrate and have fun.  We want to have a party and spoil our guests as much as we can afford to do so!  

We’re making decisions that we feel good about and our wedding will truly represent us. We hope our guests enjoy the night as much as we will!  

Thanks Meg.


In honor of Spring (on it’s way), I made us Mojito’s this weekend.  So fresh.  So delicious.  So Spring-like. 

And, I can’t wait to drink one out on the patio or (preferrably) on the lake.


Mojitos’s (the way I like them)
6 or 7 mint leaves
1 large spoonful of simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water – boiled)
1 half large lime, sqeezed
**Muddle the mint, syrup and lime (you can use a wooden spoon)
Add three-four count of Bicardi light
Add ice
**Shake it like hell!  (Either in a shaker of two glasses)
Pour all contents in a glass and add a two count of soda water and a sprig of mint!  Mmm.

I love crinkle tafetta and pintuck.   Who knew that I’d fall in love with fabric?  And, I even like a bustled chaircover.  I’m not the foo-foo girlie type, but the chair covers I saw over at Candlelite Linens and More were beautiful.  Wow. 

And, I have a secret desire to have black chivari chairs make an appearance at our wedding.   But, that’s just an impossible idea!  Well, it’s possible, but budget-minded Bridgette won’t have it (that’s my inner reality check persona). 

Slowly but surely making linen decisions!

Black Chivari Chairs

Burgandy Pintuck

Black Crinkle Tafetta 

Burgandy Crinkle Tafetta 

Here’s our save the date with the off-spacing between the last 0 and 9.  Seriously, am I crazy to notice it?  I can reorder them at a discounted price of $70.   Can’t believe they didn’t fix it and I can’t believe I didn’t notice before I ordered. Grrr.


I want this so bad it hurts.  I’m not joking, I hurt.  But, it would hurt my pocketbook even more.  Still, I want it.  Budget-minded innerself says no, and I have to listen.

I want to touch it and smell it, and listen to the sound as I open and close it.

I must find something similar for about $400 less.

From Chlorine in L.A.  Price $475.

The Sloan Clutch

Found this find on Vingtage Glam via Chlorine.

I was going through my mom’s vintage jewelry stash and there’s so many ways to incorporate these wonderful pieces into your wedding.  From brooches to clip-on earrings and sweater pins… I’m thinking I’ll jazz up my wedding heels with a pair of vintage clip-on earrings. 

I like this… Vintage glam-up your dress with the brooch and embellish your shoes with the clip-ons.

How bold is this?

These are some of my favs. I love the one on the top right.

Vintage clip-ons.  I can’t wait to find the perfect pair for my wedding day heels.
Sorry for the bad pics… i’m no photographer!

If you’re looking for anything in particular, my mom might have it.  She’s good like that.  Just send me an email. Or, head-on down to Eastern Market in Detroit.  Good finds down there.

Look at my boys.  This is back when Bug had a beard over holiday break. 

Diesel loves that man!

Today.  My sinus headache I’ve had since yesterday morning turned into a migraine at work.  I looked like a one-eyed pirate because I felt like my eyeball was going to explode out of its socket and splatter on my computer screen.  Today.  I had a little chat with my STD vendor. (Ummm,  ahh hem, my save the date vendor.)  There’s a huge space between the second 09 in the date.  It’ll cost me $70 to have them reprinted.  Grr to them and grr to me for not carefully reviewing the 800th proof.  But, come on, spacing should be the vendors issue, right?  Right now. My head still hurts and I’d like to ram it into the wall.

But, despite my turd-ish day.  I’m happy.  Spring starts tomorrow. 


I am ditching the 60×60″ black overlay that would look like this.  Too much hassle cause the size is too hard to find,  but more importantly it’s really not the elegant look I want.  I want something more like this, minus the chivari chairs.  (That would so blow the budget!)  And the 84s are more cost-effective if you can believe that?

Thanks Erika for your candid remarks.  I’m a stubborn woman, so I can’t be persuaded easily, but I completely agree that this look is unfinished.  Ladies, you could’ve said something to me when you saw the pics below! Sheesh.

So, now I’m going with a 84×84″ black overlays that will cover the entire table top.  I want a classic and eleglant black and white look with a pop of color from the flower centerpieces.

Just click here and you can blog your little heart out for, well, ever…

Some of my fav’s are included on their top 100 and there’s new favs to come.

In six months, Bug and I will say ‘I Do.”

I found THE BEST priced chargers.  While I’m not using chargers, I thought I’d share the find with some of you budget-minded brides.  (I asked for another while I was checking out linens.)

Miss Rita from Candlelite Linens and More rents chargers for .80 cents each.  If you rent linens from her, she’ll give them to you for .50 cents per charger.  I say DAMN!

She offers them in both gold and silver acrylic.

I booked my Day of Wedding Coordinator (DOC)!!  I’m super excited to tell you about her too.  But first, I’ll tell you why I think I need her…

I thought I could do it all.  And, well I can. (so, I think, right?)  When I coordinated my mom’s 50th surprise birthday party (which I held at the fabulous Big Rock Chophouse, where I worked at the time) I was so busy making sure everything was going smoothly.  To this day I only remember bits and pieces of the night. (I do, however, remember the end of the night when my brother attempted to find his way back into the parking lot and mistook the sidewalk for the entrance.  He launched the car right into the valet drop off.  It smoked and everything!  After that, he was known to management as the Curb Crawler.  Don’t worry, folks, I took the keys and drove him home. What he was doing in the car, we still don’t know.  He claims he was pulling it up front.)

Anyway, I know me.  And if I don’t <reluctantly> hand the reigns over to someone… I will worry about , well EVERYTHING!  And, I don’t want to do that on my wedding day.  Bug doesn’t want me to either.   

But, I don’t want to PAY someone for something I’m capable of doing myself, either…  But, I will because I found the perfect person for the job at an ultra reasonable price.  I even booked her right on the spot!

Erika from Eco-Posh Events.  I like that she has an opinion, she tells you what she thinks and she’s easy to talk with.  She’s eco-friendly, too!   Oh, and she’s also one of my linen vendors and will be coordinating with my other linen vendors.  More importantly, I have complete faith and trust in her.  I’m already making some linen tweaks…  And, honestly, I already feel relieved. 

Even Bug is pleased with the price.  And she’ll be worth every cent and MORE.  

Check her out.   She’s cool as hell. 

To me, peace of mind is priceless.Source

I’m not going to lie.  I love my last name.  And, really, it’s part of who I am.  I’ve had it for the last 31 years or so!  I can’t imagine that one day <<POOF>> it’s gone.  But, I also believe in having one family name – me, Bug,  – same last name.  What sparked this post is what I read on Canadian Bride’s blog about the name change struggle.  Check it out and come back!

Even when I was a little girl, I couldn’t imagine giving-up my name.  So, I’ve been thinking about this name change thing for a while.  And, a couple of months ago I was struggling with the idea of hyphenating my name.  But, really, that would make for a loooong name.   So, I decided on a less traditional course of action… I’m ditching my middle name, which is Marie.  (Who the hell is Marie anyway?)  As you can probably guess, I’m not particularly attached to it anyway.  So, come name change time, see ya Marie!  I’ll simply insert my lifelong family name in place of “Marie” followed by my new hubby’s last name. 

But I understand the struggle.  It’s a hard decision.  But, what it comes down to is that it’s a personal choice.  Do what you want, no matter what anyone else says!

I know I’ve talked to some of you about the name change thing?  What will you do?

<Sigh> This is perfect.  I love everything about it.  And, yes.  I’m obsessed with black and white as of late.


I like this first pic for a couple reasons.  1) She’s just a girl having fun. 2) The rich red and pinks of the bouquets look stunning against the black bridesmaid dresses.  I love the other two pics because those floral bouquets are breathtaking.

Vintage Design Co. // Niagara Wedding Florist & Event Floral StylistSource

Perfect bouquet.  Just my style.
Vintage Design Co. // Niagara Wedding Florist & Event Floral Stylist

I love the flowers for this wedding…absolutely stunning.  Click here for more.
Vintage Design Co. // Niagara Wedding Florist & Event Floral Stylist

Look at this sweet piece…  Came across this on Grey Likes Weddings.  Fabulous new blog I came across a couple weeks ago.  (And my photographer Heather suggested I take a looksie, too.)  And you can find it on Esty, of course.  Perfect for your vinatage glam wedding. 


Dear Sweet Tooth,

Please go away.  I can’t stand resisting all the sweet good things in life.  And you know I feel bad after I workout and then snack on two (or three) cupcakes.  You know… I can’t just have one. 

So please go.  This is just plain cruel.  You’re more than welcome to come back in October-ish.


Mean… mean… mean…Source

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