Here is the final proof for our std.  What do you think? 

Yeah, it’s a magnet – I love fridgey-fridge magnets.   So, what of it?

Two words: Fresh Impressions.  And let me tell ya, they’re 1/3 of the cost as Magnet Street.  My girlfriend who’s getting married next month used Fresh Impressions and I love the quality.  I was sold when I got hers…  They work with you (put up with me – I have anal space issues) and they’ve got good turnaround.  Envelopes are included too.

Lesson Learned: Know what fonts you want.  I had a hard time choosing and went through several proofs trying to figure it out!

check them outkenny-and-bridgette-save-the-date_blog1

See the white border? That’s the true shape of this bad boy.  Love the rounded corners… Obviously, I blocked-out our last names!  And if it looks fuzzy it’s because I screen-shotted a screen shot!