Kenny headed north this weekend with the boys.  So, I had a ME weekend.  I read Nie Nie and my heart swelled.  I ordered pizza and watched a ton of movies.  I bawled when I watched “P.S. I Love You.”   Yeah, I was crying my eyes out when the pizza guy showed up.    And, after watching all those movies and reading Nie Nie, it’s hard not to look at what you have and be grateful.  I need to reflect daily.  Life’s too short not too.  I have good friends, a loving family and an amazing man.

I really don’t talk about my guy too much here but I wanted to share a couple reasons why I love him so:

I can be me and he loves me. Me who sings to our pets, to him, to myself.  And, I’m not embarressed about it one bit.   

He makes me laugh.  Laugh until my stomach hurts and tears run down my face.  We can be so completely silly with each other and not have a  care in the world.

He’s thoughtful. When I told him I loved red onion, the next time he made me dinner there was red onion on the salad.  (Yes, my guy cooks.  I’m so lucky.)

He’s kind.  He’ll help anyone who needs help.  He’s got the biggest heart.

He wants me to love his hobbies so we can do them together.  (He even had me sit in a hunting blind with him… Never again!)  He’s so sweet, though.  I promise I’ll learn how to play golf better.

He’s stubborn!  Oh, it pains me to think about how stubborn WE both can be.  But, I love him.

He’s a brat.  (yes, I love him when he’s a brat.) One time we went fishing and I caught twice as much fish as he.  So, he threw them all back and then we went to the store and bought frozen fish patties.  (He didn’t want to scale and filet all my fish!  I guess that’s when I should’ve offered to learn…)

He’s loyal to his friends and family and he’s the best uncle to his neices and nephews.  Love that quality…

He makes me happy.  Yeah, sometimes he gets me mad or frustrated, but most of all he makes me happy.

I’m lucky and I love him so much… Life’s to short not to show gratitiude each and every day.