Nope.  Never ever considered a headtable backdrop until I looked at this pic.  This is where our headtable will be.  And, no, we don’t like the exit sign and doors.  Seriously, is it a big deal?  No.  But, will I look back and say I wish I would’ve spent the money to fix it.  Maybe. 

So, now I wonder how much does simple white drape cost?  And who can do this for us?  And, if it’s too expensive, can we do something ourselves? (I’m envisioning curtain rods and white drapes! Ha. )  We didn’t anticipate not liking the backdrop this much!   What do you think?  Worth the price of drape?  Help!

Oh, and this pic of the room doesn’t do it justice.  The ballroom is beautiful!

sorry for the censored chunk…backdrop

We want something simple like this white draping.