I’m stalking out linen vendors this week and I’m meeting with a few… So far, these three have pretty amazing and competitive pricing.  Not only was I incredibly happy with the prices, but they were all wonderful to talk to on the phone. 

The Linen Closet LLC: Anita is super cool.  And, she’ll come to your venue and do table mock-ups.  She’ll rent, deliver and install chair sashes for $1 per chair.  15″ wide table runners for $5 each.   Thought those prices were pretty good.  I’m meeting with her at my venue sometime this week or next to take a look at different fabrics and all that. 

Eco-Posh Events:  I talked with Erika on Friday and I can’t wait to meet her this week!  They offer chair sashes for $0.50 per chair and it’s a flat $35 delivery and set-up fee. (DAMN!)  Her linens are very reasonably priced.  More to come on Eco Posh later this week.  Wonder if they do backdrops? 

Candlelite Linens and More: Miss Rita is so incredibly nice!  She even emailed me pics of the different colors and fabrics she has!  And, she has the BEST priced linens.  132″ pintuck for $14 each, crushed taffeta for $12… Seriously, good prices.  And, she responded to my emails on both Saturday and Sunday.  I also meet with her later this week…

Am I missing any others out there who can compete with these prices?  If so, I’ll happily stalk them out!  I’m a bride on a budget!