I was going through my mom’s vintage jewelry stash and there’s so many ways to incorporate these wonderful pieces into your wedding.  From brooches to clip-on earrings and sweater pins… I’m thinking I’ll jazz up my wedding heels with a pair of vintage clip-on earrings. 

I like this… Vintage glam-up your dress with the brooch and embellish your shoes with the clip-ons.

How bold is this?

These are some of my favs. I love the one on the top right.

Vintage clip-ons.  I can’t wait to find the perfect pair for my wedding day heels.
Sorry for the bad pics… i’m no photographer!

If you’re looking for anything in particular, my mom might have it.  She’s good like that.  Just send me an email. Or, head-on down to Eastern Market in Detroit.  Good finds down there.