Some of you know that our dog Diesel is an eating machine.  To date, he’s chewed-up my cell phone, my camera, 6 pairs of my shoes, 2 pairs of Bug’s shoes, 3 of Bug’s hats, an ungodly amount of underwear, a couple of my tank tops, several socks (which are his personal fav’s) and the leather couch.  Thankfully, he’s still alive. 

 Well, when I got home today he chewed-up the Save this Date stamp that I was going to take back to Michaels.  (I failed miserably at embossing.)  AND he got into the save-the-date envelopes.  One was chewed and the rest were scattered on the floor.   They were on the desk, too, out of doggy site.  Perhaps he’s bitter that he’s not invited to the wedding? 

Can you imagine?  

This is the Monster in question.