I thought I’d follow-up my last post with this one.   Lakes Cakes is where I came undone.  (One of the best buttercream frostings I’ve ever tasted.  Not too sweet, not too grainy, just the right amount of creamy sweetness.)

A little background: When I started pricing out cakes I found that most bakeries charge $2.75 and up per slice.  One of my favorite bakery’s the Townsend Bakery in Birmingham, Mich. start at more than $5 per slice. (Ouch.)  Whereas Sweet Dreams bakery offers cakes that are $1.99 per slice, but they only make cake with rolled fondant icing.  I’m personally not a big fan of it.  

I was 99 percent sure we were going to book Mannino’s, the bakery near my childhood home in Sterling Heights, Mich.  They are absolutely amazing.  While they have great prices, what we wanted was more than what we wanted to spend on a cake. (And, they start at out $2.75 per slice, which isn’t bad.) 

Low and behold another bride.2.be who’s tying the knot in May highly recommended Lakes Cakes in Commerce, Mich.  When it comes to food, this May Bride has impeccable taste, so I called Heide and made an appointment.  A couple things that I liked right away about this particular vendor was they have really competitive pricing for the product they provide and, like many of our other vendors, their store front is also their homefront.  

Lakes Cakes start at $2.60 per slice – and this is a torte style cake with buttercream frosting.  For $3 a slice, you can opt for the torte style cake with a filling of your choice.  

When we met with Heidi she talked with us about several different options that would help drive the price down but still give us the cake we wanted.  From fake cakes to partially fake cakes or a smaller cake with sheet cake in the back, there are options for everyone.  

To sample, she gave us generous servings of nine different cakes to taste: white, yellow, lemon, cherry, marble, banana, spice, chocolate and red velvet.   The white cake is the most amazing white cake I’ve ever tasted.  We both were so incredibly impressed.  And, we sampled seven fillings: cassada, bavarian cream, white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, rasberry mousse, rasberry coulis and lemon tart.  Of all the fillings we tried, I still loved the buttercream. 

Needless to say, we were incredibly impressed with Lakes Cakes.  We’re able to get the cake we want for a spectacular price.  And, it exceeds my cake tasting standard! 

Lakes Cakes