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Chrysler, you may have fallen today.  But, I have hope and faith that you’ll get back up. 

Get well soon.  Detroit needs you.


Speaking of chargers… Does anyone know where I can get white chargers?  Or do you think I should just stick with the FREE (key word = FREE) white plates my reception venue will put down. 

Here’s the look I’m trying to achieve, but with white chargers.  I love the menu napkin.  Think the venue’s white plate will be big enough?  Ssrly, I don’t need a this much space on the plate, but I don’t want it to look sloppy either.  What do you think?  I need your sound advice…

Inspiration: Detroit Knottie Meglett
DryzgaImage: The Shooting Gallery

For those who don’t already know this, I just want to give you all a heads-up.  Stephanie from Stephanie’s Wedding Creations has a special on chargers right now.  I hope you’re sitting down… because she’s offering chargers at .40 cents each!  What a deal!  She has gold, silver, blue and black.

UPDATE: They will offer white chargers in August.

This is sharp, isn’t it?


I know this is long overdue, but thanks to you all, we sent out the save the dates with the space.  Seriously, no one noticed.  And, this saved me some CASH! 

Since the space issue, I’ve since relaxed with this whole entire wedding b’ness.  And you know what, I’ve been to my friend’s houses since those were sent out, and I don’t even notice the stupid space.

Thanks for keeping me sane.  I owe you all a drink!


Jessica Johnston, I heart you.  You capture beautiful images.  I happen to think this one is breathtaking.  I’m a fan. 

Jessica Johnston Photography 

Michele Nonis is an incredible Metro Detroit florist.  I felt compelled to write about Ms. Nonis because you can’t find her in the yellow pages and she doesn’t have a website.  All of her business is generated by word of mouth. 

Interestingly enough, when you do meet with her to discuss your wedding, she doesn’t have a portfolio of her work.  But, her work has been featured in several wedding magazines and she’s done hundreds of wedding throughout the years.   And, not only is she a talented florist who’s not afraid to tell you her opinion, she’s has jaw-dropping good prices.  I’m still wowed.  WOW! 

Whether you’re on a budget or you’re just looking for a wonderful florist, Michele should be on the list of florists to check out.  She works out of her Warren, Mich., home and delivers flowers all over Metro Detroit.   Like me, some of you are probably wondering how she does it by herself?  And, can she take on multiple weddings in one weekend?  And, what if she gets sick… will she come through?  No worries.   She has assistants who help her and ensure timely deliveries.  

Contact: Michele Nonis at 586.776.1201

Here’s some of her recent work.  If you’d like to submit your Michele Nonis wedding images, please do!  I need some good pics of centerpieces…

Amanda from Vintage Glam BlogImage Credit: Jessica Johnston

Detroit Knottie Meglet22Dryzga

DryzgaAren’t the pics beautiful?  Image Credits: The Shooting Gallery

Detroit Bride Melissa Gravesflowers-4

cake-3Note: Unbeknownst to the bride, the hall provided the fake green and white flowers on the table.  Source: Melissa Graves

Back-to-back Craigslist finds.  That’s rare…  Anyways, take a look at this gorgeous necklace.  I bet it can be yours for $35.  

Wedding Neckace! Beautiful! – $50 (downriver)
image 1135373514-0
image 1135373514-1

Original Post: Wedding Neckace! Beautiful! – $50 (downriver)
Reply to: [

Only worn once this necklace is perfect for a bride!

$50 OBO cash only

Please text or call 734-556-0444

Silver Chargers.  I like these.  I liked them enough to wonder how I could incorporate them, but I already have a plan and the silver charger just won’t go.

Anyways, as always, I thought I’d pass the find along to you.  If you get these, tell me, so I can be happy for you.  And, I want to see pictures too!

250 Antique Silver Wedding Charger Plates – $1 (Downriver)
image 1136816240-1
image 1136816240-0
image 1136816240-3

Original Post: 250 Antique Silver Wedding Charger Plates – $1 (Downriver)
Reply to:

For sale, 250 antique silver charger plates. The hall wanted to charge $4 per plate to rent theirs, so I bought my own. Willing to pass along for $1.30 per plate. These are silver textured resin. They have a bit of a square design to the texture which is very faint. Plates are 13″ across and black on the backside. I bought these brand new and paid well over $500 for them plus shipping. Only used one time. All have been hand washed and are ready for pick up. $300 takes all.

Last photo is a picture of the chargers with one of my plate settings just as an example. White plates not included.

Thanks for looking!


Love this cake.  I love its simplicity and the flowers.   So, pretty isn’t it?  I came across is on Elizabeth Anne Designs


Back in January I went on a hunt for a local florist who could provide an amazingly beautiful product for an incredible price.  Some of you might recall this post, where I vowed to find a florist who could provide me with everything I wanted for half the flower budget than the industry standard… which is $1450.  

So, I was looking for the following – plus set-up and deliver – for $750:  15 flower centerpieces * loose flowers for headtable * 1 bridal bouquet 1 toss bouquet* 8 boutonnieres * 3 junior boutonnieres * 2 coursages for mom’s * 2 ceremony flower arrangements * unity candle flower arrangement * rose petals to fill 2  flower girl baskets * cake flowers * and blooms for the bridesmaids hair! 

Well, I did find the perfect florist… and though we’re paying just a wee bit more than $750, I couldn’t be happier with our decision.  Don’t get me wrong.  You CAN get everything I mentioned for $750, but we’re choosing to go with the person we better connected with.  (Makes sense to me!)


I want to give you the rundown on my top finds for incredibly talented and reasonably priced Metro Detroit florists.  I was looking for someone who either worked out of their home or owned a local small business.  I wasn’t at all interested in booking a national or regional florist chain.  Why?  Because the overhead alone would so blow our budget.  And, besides, we wanted someone local and typically, those who work out of their home charge less.  I did a shout out on the Knot Detroit Message board and the ladies gave me three fabulous recommendations:

1. Michele Nonis – Michele is awesome.  She works out of her home in Warren, Mich.  She knows what’s she’s doing and has incredible confidence in her work.  She’s not afraid to tell you her opinion – even if it differs from yours – and she’s cool as a cucumber.  All her business is generated by word-of-mouth.  And, this woman is booked solid.  To us, that alone speaks volumes.  After she mapped out my vision and we listed everything out, she busted out her calculator and told us the cost.  It was a jaw-dropping surprise.  It was unbelievably reasonable.  Wow.  She’s crazy good.  So, we booked her.  I’ll share pics of her work soon.   
Contact: 586-776-1201

2. Lynn Jovic of Clever Bumble Bee Creations – Lynn is wonderful and will work with any budget!  She definitely could’ve met our $750 budget.  The wonderful thing about Lynn is that she’s flexible and will help you find creative ways to have beautiful floral arrangements that will fit your budget!  If you’re thinking of DIY flowers but don’t want the hassle, Lynn can do it for just a wee bit more than the DIY price!  Click here to check out Lynn’s work. 
Contact: 586-215-6676

3. Katie of Courtyard Flowers – Katie, the owner of Courtyard Flowers in Mt. Clemens, Mich.  is absolutely amazing.  What I really liked about her is that she understood your vision without you really having to explain it to her.  And, for the flower illiterate, such as myself, this quality of hers is a godsend.   She knows her stuff.  Unfortunately, she was out of my price range.  BUT, my price range was $750-1100.  You can definitely  get I wanted for under $2K.  Ssrly, I pouted when my budget-minded innerself said no.    
Contact: 586-468-7730

Anyways, there you have it.  Sorry it took me four months to post.  I’m such the slacker.  Good luck and I hope this helps with your wedding plans!

So… over the last couple weeks, some local have told me some of their “issues.” 

Seriously, get this… 

1. Made From Scratch – One bride’s mom wants to make her wedding gown.  Yes,  at first this sounds sweet.  But, no, mom’s s NEVER made a wedding gown before.  She’s never made anything similar to a gown!  So, as you can imagine, the bride’s not too keen on the offer.  Ssrly, what do you do in this situation?  This could cause some serious stress.  Especially since the wedding is five short months away!  Lady, I feel for you!  Just say no and get on with it!

2. One Size Fits All – Another bride’s maid of honor went into the bridal salon to pick-up her wedding day garb… and, the skirt happened to be four – yes FOUR sizes too small.  Because the wedding was a month away, the bridal salon told the woman that they wouldn’t have enough time to reorder so she would just have to lose weight.  Huh?  Seriously?  And this sales woman still lives?  Turns out, they switched the skirts of two of the bridesmaids, who live in different states and they just didn’t say anything about the mix-up.  Talk about BAD customer service.

3. Recessionista Step Mom – One bride’s step mom had promised the bride and groom a gift of money to help with the Big Day.  When casually mentioned the gift, step mom was appalled and pretended the gift convo didn’t happen.  Recessionista mom rescinded the offer and the bride is left appalled.  My questions is, if step mom couldn’t swing it, why didn’t she just say so?  Why pretend to be offended by the question?

What’s your story?

So, I took a month off from wedding planning.  I was becoming so consumed with the wedding that I was about to go out of my mind!  The house was in shambles!  I wasn’t interested in cooking or cleaning (not that I’m EVER interested in cleaning)… just planning.  Whether it was perusing the blogs or researching whatever –  I wasn’t my normal self. 

But, I claimed ME back.  And, it feels good to have clean laundry, a clean house, and to cook and bake again.  Oh, and read, write, workout and the list goes on!  I’m even planning to paint the bedroom.  (woo hoo)    It’s feel good just to be me.  Not, me as in bride.2.b. 

I’ve gotta tell you, during my wedding planning vaca, I met my new tv boyfriend.  Bobby Flay.  Yes, I heart him.  I told Bug about my new boyfriend and I think he’s ok with Bobby, so long as I keep downloading recipes!  (I know Bobby’s probably secretly happy about the news!) 

Anyways, now that I regrouped there’s still lots to be done.  We’re scouting rehearsal dinner locations this weekend in the D.  Can’t wait to report about that and give Detroit some proper love. 

Bobby Flay and his power tool.

Those are my soon.2.b new initials and I’ve been practicing writing my new name out. 

I bet you all do that too!

If you’re on the prowl for vintage accessories, this weekend is a perfect weekend to go down to Eastern Market.  They’re opening shed #2, so they’ll be more vendors down there.

If you’ve never been there.  Go. Please.  You’ll find home grown fruits and veggies, ecletic antique items and so much more.  And, for those Vintage glam wedding seekers, there are sure to be some good wedding finds there… 

And, while you’re down there, have breakfast at Farmer’s Restaurant  or grab a delicious sandwich at Russell Street Deli.

My trip there will have to wait till next weekend… As us Michiganders do, I’m heading North for the weekend.    

And, I’m not talking about food here.  Yesterday, I visited various stores like Michaels, Joann Fabrics  and Meijer  to get some items for my cupcake lolli-pups experiment.  (Yeah, I tried to do these in the shape of dogbones and puppy paws and butterflies and lady bug for Spring.  Let’s just say the next batch will come out better… will take pics to show you this weekend .)

Anyway, there are tons of cutes baskets and other Easter garb that is heavily discounted.   Hello!?  An Easter basket is an incognito flower girl basket.  And let me tell ya, there’s some super cute stuff out there! 

And, if you head to the department stores, you can get Easter dresses, aka flower girl dresses, for a huge discount too! 

Giddy-up, and get to it!


So, I did happen to snag that vintage clutch that was featured on eBay.  The one that Vintage Glam posted on their blog… And, the same one that was similar to the one that I would have given an upper right molar for… (well if I was drunk…)  See this post for a refresher. 

But, I’ll be honest.  It needs a little love.  Ok.  It might need a lot of LOVE, but it came exactly as described by the seller.   And, my mom will give it the much needed love my Vintage Clutch needs.  Some white silk lining, since its clear!  And, perhaps some more vintage rhinestones. 

Mom- You’re the only one I trust.  And, you know I’m not as crafty as I am creative… Let’s see if we can dust this clutch off and give it some LOVE! 

By the way, I opened it up and took a whiff and it smells vintage all right!   Soon, I will clutch it with love and satisfaction.  Right now, I clutch it with love and faith!

My soon.2.b Refurbished Vintage Clutch (Go Mom!)  Paid about $425 less than the one below.

Vintage Lucite Clutch

 The Refurbished Clutch I Yearned For But Didn’t Want to Fork Over the Dough – $475.The Sloan Clutch

See the resemblance?  I do.  Yes, I certainly do!  Seriously, it’s the same clutch.  It just needs a few tweaks. 

Thanks to all the ladies who gave me a heads-up!

If you’re looking for silk rose petals, here they are.  10,000 of them!  And, I’d definitely ask for less.  I’m shameless, but bartering and Craigslist are synonymous.  

Think about it, silk is less expensive and if you’re using it as confetti, it won’t stain your wedding gown.  (Yes, real rose petals can stain!) 

10,000 Silk Rose Petals – Cantonimage 1121943620-0

Orginal Post: 10,000 silk rose petals – dark red – $100 (Canton)
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Date: 2009-04-14, 12:45PM EDT

10,000 silk rose petals – dark red/burgandy – Asking only $100!

I bought these rose petals for my wedding; however, we changed our colors! Petals are still sealed in bags – NEVER USED!

I also have the original receipt confirming the 10,000 rose petals!

I hope you’re getting money back and you don’t have to pay Uncle Sam!

I’ve been a lazy blogger… but I have some updates and I’ll post later tonight. 

A couple of things have kept me away from the blog. 1) I no longer have access to my blog at work, so I can’t post at lunch anymore. (So sad.)  2) My wallet, phone and camera were stolen this past weekend.  So, I’ve been disconnected from the world and trying to get me back! (So mad.)

Oh, and something I’ve been thinking about for a while… I’d like to feature real Detroit Weddings on this here blog, so if you’d like to share, please email me some pictures!  More about this later…

Last night, I had a dream about the wedding.  It was a week before the wedding and we hadn’t sent the invitations out yet!  I had completely forgot… Seriously, is that even possible to do?  I was frantic and thought I’d have to send out a wedding evite.  Which, is not such a bad idea – but with a week to spare, that would not be good. 

I’ve had other weird dreams too.  Like my dress wasn’t altered, or my hair wasn’t done or I forgot my makeup. 

Oh, and I had one where we hadn’t confirmed with the officiant, so he didn’t show!   

Do you all have weird wedding dreams?

Today is Opening Day! 

You gotta love Opening Day in the D.  Every die-hard Tiger fan is downtown – despite if they have tickets or not.   Even people who don’t like baseball, don’t like the Tigers and don’t like Detroit (ssrly, are you crazy?) are downtown for Opening Day.  Even when the Tigers come off of a losing season(s), fans show-up for that first game and root them on as if they’ve won the World Series the season before.  You gotta love Detroit fans!

And this year, they’re doing something cool.  Kid Rock (you all know he’s a Michigander, right?  I thought so) is throwing out the first pitch.  Actually, he’s throwing out the first three pitches.  This is where the cool part comes in.  To show his support for Detroit, the auto industry and the Tigers, he’s throwing three ceremonial pitches to three longtime employees at the Big Three.  

I wish I could be there.  But, I’m working.  Yeah, I work on Good Friday this year.  Anyways, I’ll see all you other fans downtown tonight!  

And all the cool kids are wearing them.  Or, so I hear…  I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal.  Basically, it says more and more young stars, like the Jonas Brothers are sporting bowties.   And, I read some where (can’t remember where) that it’s becoming an increasingly popular wedding trend.  Not a surprise there.

 I have to admit… There is something incredibly sexy when you see an attractive man wearing a bowtie… At least in my opinion. 

What would you like to see your beau wearing on your wedding day? 


Wow.  I’m so loving these.  What a genius idea.   These would make for great favors.

I came across these novel cake on stick ideas at Nina Renee Designs via Bakerella.     If you want some delicious and creative ideas, check out Bakerella.  She tells you how to DIY… I can’t tell you how many yummy and fabulous treats I came across on Bakerella.  Thank you Nina for taking me there.

Cupcake Lollipops

For Easter… Too cute.Easter Cake PopsSource

I’ve never been to a wedding that better-represented the two people getting married than the one I just went to in Phoenix.  It was an honest and true wedding.  It was amazing.

They had their outdoor ceremony and reception at the Farm at South Mountain, which is a beautiful pecan tree farm (in the desert of all places).  Both being from the Midwest, the tranquil and rural-like location was perfect.   The ceremony was simple… their dog was the ring bearer and the bride walked down the aisle to the Princess Bride theme song.  And, at the reception they had a dance-off, flame throwers, a real tool box for the card box, and the bride traded in her tulle veil for a bandana veil.  Oh, and they had a fabulous mix of good-hearted people who truly loved them.  

Their wedding puts it into perspective.  It was a wonderful time!   

I can’t wait to share the pro pictures with you.   For now, here’s a couple of my own.

Carolynn & Greg’s Phoenix Wedding



We’re off to Phoenix this weekend.   My long time friend Carolynn is getting married!  Her Mr. Perfect proposed just one month before Bug did.  I’m so happy for them.  And, I’m not going to lie, I’m excited about the warm weather.  But, more so excited about seeing her say “I Do.”

I’ll be back on Monday… Have a wonderful weekend.

Gone shopping and felt so completely discouraged about the state of your backside?  Or any other body part for that matter?

That’s what happened to me last night.  But, as I was beating myself up and stomping around the mall, my innerself was telling me how fortunate I am.  I have my health, a wonderful fiance, a loving family… and here I am feeling bad about myself because of my own skewed self image.  Boo hoo for that girl, right?

My lazy butt is not allowed to wallow or sulk.  So, I couldn’t fit into the size I’m used to wearing.  Well, I haven’t been diligent about my diet (meaning my food intake… diet’s in general are evil) and often times I over indulge.  (i.e. the cake monster incident) And, instead of being active, I’m doing something brainless like watching tv or perusing the net.  So, I can either accept my new lifestyle and not feel bad about myself, because that’s no way to live.  Or I can be more active and not eat that second cupcake or cookie.  Am I right?

For serious.  Sometimes I drive myself mad.

You ever have days like that?  Where you have to bring yourself back to reality…

Next time I go down that road, I will follow these directions


I’ve been so entirely busy this week that I haven’t been able to blog or blog stalk.  The no blog-stalking has actually been a great thing for my wedding decisiveness.  I’m liking that.

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