I’ve never been to a wedding that better-represented the two people getting married than the one I just went to in Phoenix.  It was an honest and true wedding.  It was amazing.

They had their outdoor ceremony and reception at the Farm at South Mountain, which is a beautiful pecan tree farm (in the desert of all places).  Both being from the Midwest, the tranquil and rural-like location was perfect.   The ceremony was simple… their dog was the ring bearer and the bride walked down the aisle to the Princess Bride theme song.  And, at the reception they had a dance-off, flame throwers, a real tool box for the card box, and the bride traded in her tulle veil for a bandana veil.  Oh, and they had a fabulous mix of good-hearted people who truly loved them.  

Their wedding puts it into perspective.  It was a wonderful time!   

I can’t wait to share the pro pictures with you.   For now, here’s a couple of my own.

Carolynn & Greg’s Phoenix Wedding