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I don’t know two other people who love Detroit more than Bob and Sara.  So, it’s fitting that they are my first real Detroit wedding couple. 

Bob took Sara to the Tiger’s game on their first date… and about a year or so later, he proposed to her at Comerica Park.  They love the Tiger’s, love the City, and love each other.  They were married downtown and had their reception at the Greektown Casino-Hotel.  What a beautiful celebration!  From an old English “D” ice sculpture and groom’s cake (D, not only represents Detroit, but Bob and Sara’s last initial), to props on the dance floor, they got down in the D!

It was a perfect day and a stellar party.   All images are from J.S Photography.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy.

Bob & Sara
May 15, 2009
Detroit, Michigan

Sara_Detroit WeddingChurch

Church2Woodward Ave


If you’d like to submit your Real Detroit Wedding images, I’d love to post them.  Email me at


I came across the most beautiful wedding on Grey Likes Weddings.  It’s so incredibly stylish and colorful.  And, the photography is AMAZING.  I now will be stalking out Stephanie Williams’ photography blog.  She captures such stunning images. 

I love pink and purple together, don’t you?   

Look at these… you’ll want to see more.  

Via Stephanie Williams Bloghaley10haley17haley11


I came to the realization that my Jeep Cherokee lease was up the weekend that we move into our new house.  Now, I’m a woman who THINKS I can get everything done.  But, considering that I appear to be losing time at lighening speed, I didn’t want to chance not being able to deal with that issue on time.

So, I got a new lease yesterday.  Not that any of you care about that, per se.  But, I did something I never thought I would do.  <GULP> My Detroit Wedding Girl leased a Honda. <GULP>  I’ve never owned or leased anything but a Chrysler… and I feel like a traitor.  Especially since Chrysler is struggling right now.  And, I would’ve stuck with a Big Three vehicle, but I would have done so only for the sake of buying DETROIT.  And, since my drive to work will be a 60 mile (roundtrip) commute, I needed something FUEL EFFICIENT.  And, Chrysler’s just not there yet with most of its vehicles I would drive.  And, for the crossovers I wanted, Ford and GM were too expensive.   

So, I went with a 3-year Honda lease. I figured this would give good ole Chrysler time to improve the fuel efficiency on its vehicle fleets.  (They have to improve mileage with Obama’s new fuel rules by 2015.) 

I’m a Jeep girl.  And, I plan to get back to Jeep.  But I needed to be smart.  And, though my heart said to go with Jeep, I knew I wouldn’t be happy with mileage.  So, hello Honda.  You’re not so bad.  And you were manufactured in Ohio – right here in the U.S.A.  

Wow.  I’m not complaining because life is Oh, So, Good!  But, last week – WHERE DID IT GO?  I’d like to have an actual chat with Last Week and tell it to slow down and back up!   

Our wedding budget is tapped.  Or, I should say, I’m done!  We’re content with our decisions on the money we’re spending on those things we think are most important.  Like the DJ, venues, photographer and other vendors.  So, what we have left are the invitations and other paper-related details.  And, invitations can be pricey.  The invitations I think are PERFECT cost $400 just for the invitation and envelopes.  Cut that in half and minus $75 is what I think it’ll cost to do it my dang self. 

And I did!  I did a jank job in PowerPoint… And, I must say, my kinko-printed mock-ups aren’t that bad.   I showed them to my friend who does graphics and she said we could start from scratch in photoshop.  But it could work.  We’re going to change-up some graphics and all that.

So, I priced-out some paper products online… For 100 envelopes (70 lb), 100 rsvp envelopes and black cardstock (which we’ll attach the invite to, to give it a finished look) it’ll cost me $50.  For the printing of the invites, rsvp cards and my hotel information cards, I’m thinking another $75.  Maybe less because it’s only black ink and some cuts.  My ticket-style invites include the reception info on the actual invite, which will cut costs and save a tree.  No need pay more to have an additional tree die to announce our reception location! 

Here’s my jank-o mock-up.  Can’t wait to show you the finished version.jank inviation2 

So.  I have lots of updates… but, I’ve been so incredibly busy with moving and wedding stuff that I haven’t had a chance to post.  But, tomorrow it is. 

And, I even have some real Detroit wedding pics for you.

So, tomorrow it is!

My arms are a force to be recockoned with.  Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s hard to tone these puppies.   My mom says that they’ve been in the family throughout the generations and I should be happy I don’t have tree trunks for legs too!  (Though, I think your legs are hot, mom!) 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m insecure.  I’m not afraid to wear tanks or sleeveless tops…  I just admire women with toned arms.  I want them, and  I d0n’t just want them for the wedding day… I want them indefinitely. 

So, I’ve taken to lifting weights. (Not my favorite activity)  Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a meathead and I don’t grunt.  I see progress.  It’s slow.  But, there’s potential.    

We all have an image of what we want to look like and feel like on our wedding day.  We all have hang-ups.  Will it kill me if I don’t have guns by September?  No.  It’s not going to make or break the day.  Ssrly, that would be STUPID!  

But, that’s my current hang-up.   What’s yours?

If you have any suggestions how to firm these flabs in fabs, let me know!


Kenny and I’ve been scouting the D for rehearsal dinner locations.  Unlike the guest list and linen drama, this has been fun. 

Usually, it involves a beer and a couple appetizers.  That gives us time to scope out the place, taste the food and check out the service. 

Here’s the top locations we’ve considered:

Bookies Bar & Grill – Located right around the corner from Comerica Park and down the street from Campus Martius, the new Bookies is kick-butt.  Good food, good drinks and friendly service.   The also have an outdoor patio on the third floor, which overlooks the city.  And, you wouldn’t know it, but they have a private VIP room on the second floor that is available for parties. which can accomodate about 50 people.  It’s got its own private restrooms and bar.  We were impressed. It’s ultra sleek in there. 

Parking could get hairy and pricey on a game day, because they don’t own the parking lot, but that’s what the street’s for!  You can work with them to tailor the menu and workout per person pricing.  Oh, there could be a room charge if you don’t meet the minimum $$ spent.

Hard Rock Cafe – At first, we were opposed because it was a chain.  But, now, this place tops our list.   Located in Campus Martuis in the Compuware building, the location is stellar.  While they have a limited public menu, their event menu is huge.  You can basically get whatever you want and they definitely work with you to meet your budget. 

They have a great beer collection, a decent wine menu and AWESOME service. 

You might think parking could be an issue in Campus Martius, but Hard Rock validates your parking if you park in the Compuware Parking Garage.  They have a cool private room too, that seats about 50.   Oh, and NO ROOM CHARGE. 

A couple other places that we looked at, but didn’t get the rehearsal dinner vibe were:

Pizza Papalis – Located in Greektown, across from the casino, we REALLY thought this place would be it.  Since we’re having our rockin reception at Greektown Casino-Hotel, we thought this location was solid. 

They have a great private room on the second floor that overlooks Monroe Street that easily seats more than 60+.  Parking would be a breeze (and FREE) at the Greektown Parking Garage.  Prices are reasonable and they work with your budget.

But, my fiance, being the bread stick conisseuir that he is, nixed the idea because he didn’t like breadsticks (which are made out of the chicago style pizza dough) and he wasn’t too keen on their deep dish pizza.  Bummer.   Who knows, you could love it!

Detroit Beer Co.:  Located on Canfield on WSU’s Campus, they brew some stellar beers.  They have an outdoor patio on the second floor and it’s a perfect place to people watch!

Majestic Cafe: Located in the Cultural District across from Union Street Station, they’ve got food, they’ve got bowling, they’ve got it all.  Super casual and fun place. 

Traffic Jam & Snug: Located on WSU’s campus on Canfield across the street from Detroit Beer Co., they brew their own beer and make their own cheese.  Great place.  Truly a hidden gem!

Union Street Station: A Detroit icon, located on Woodward in Detroit’s Cultural District, that serves American food.  Great atmosphere!

So.  We put an offer in last week.  On Saturday they countered.  Monday we held our ground. 

And yesterday, they accepted the original offer. 

It’s a half acre on the lake. Can’t even tell you how excited we are! <EEEEeeekkkk>  This is the house we can grow a family in!

Today is the inspection.   We’ll see how that goes. 

This house hunting business is something else.  But, if you’re a first time buyer, now is the time to buy.  Take advantage of Obama’s $8K tax credit.  If your significant other already owns a home or has owned a home, once you get married, you’re not eligible for the Obama $8K tax credit.  

The timing couldn’t be better.

We’re borrowing this beautiful idea our Reverand shared with us that his daughter used at her wedding. 

When she sent out the invitations, she invited her married guests to bring a framed picture of themselves on their wedding day to the reception.  They had a table set-up where the guests could put their pictures. 

She believed her wedding was not just about their love and new marriage, but that a wedding is about the celebration of love and marriage in general.  And, she wanted her guests to be part of this celebration.

Isn’t this a brilliant idea? 

We LOVE this.  Both of our parents have been together for more than 35 years.  And we wanted to acknowledge this –  This will help us do that!  I’d like to find some way for each couple to denote how long they’ve been married.

Really, what a beautiful idea… Oh, wedding planning can really make you think about things.  Good stuff. 

I can’t wait to show you all pictures of how this turns out!


Tonight I was at the gym working out and I thought… Am I working out because of ONE DAY?  (Ahem, the wedding day)  Or am I working out because I want to be healthy and fit?   I’ve worked out since I was in high school, so it’s nothing new to me, I just wanted to be sure that it’s a lifestyle decision, not a “I’m getting married” decision. 

And then I started to think about this “One Day” thing. 

So many of us drive ourselves mad while we plan our own weddings!  We start to dislike people, family, paper, details, font, ink, stamps, linens, people, each other!  Oh, and the fact that we DO have a budget!  We look at what others have done and wish we could so the same – BUT BETTER!   But, do we really know what this One Day means?  Do we really know, or do we find out the day after the Big Day? 

It just seems like we’ve all gotten lost.  Ok, maybe not all of us.  But many of us.  A wedding is about marriage. 

I look at my guy and think, wow.  Forever.  Him. Me.  Unknown number of kids.  Dog.  House.  Love.  Good.  Bad.  Happy.  Sad.  Forever. 

I hope it’s forever.  Some of us don’t have forever.  But, that’s what the One Day is about.  It’s about the First Day.  And, you really don’t know when the last day is?  Really, it’s a terrible thought.  But, what I’m trying to say is, that marriage is not about the One Day… it’s about all the days after.  

And, I think those days are more important than the One Day.  Don’t ya think? 

I want more than One Day.  I want FOREVER!

Check out their story

And, he’s wonderful!  You know when you meet someone and there’s something about them that makes you feel at ease?  That’s our Reverand.  

He makes you feel so comforted.  And, he’s funny!  I laughed so hard I cried.  We feel very lucky to have him perform the service.

Kenny and I aren’t particularly religious.  But, we both believe in SOMETHING and we’ll just call it God.  Well, I really wanted to have an officiant who had an incredible faith in love and marriage and someone who also had a connection to us.   My mom and my boss had both recommended a reverand and it happened to be the same person!  My mom has actually worked with him for more than 20 years at the hospital.

He sees life, witnesses death and sees what the power of love can accomplish.  He’s genuine.  Kind.  And quite social.  Love it all!

Now that we’ve met our Reverand, our wedding seems real – it’s not just a big party… it’s the celebration of our marriage. 

All I can say is – I’m. So. Happy!


Hey. Hey!  I received a little blog love.  Thanks WedMichigan!  I think you’re pretty lovely yourself! 

I don’t have to tell you WHY I heart WedMichigan… it’s pretty obvious don’t ya think?  Lindsey, the lovely lady behind the blog, features Michigan brides, vendors and much, much more.   

Now that I’ve received this oh, so lovely award, my instructions are to do the following:

1. Accept the award <blush>
2. Post it on my blog, the person who gave it to me + a link to their site
3. Pick five other blogs I enjoy following + award them
4. Let the five blogs I choose know that I’ve picked them!

And here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow!

1. A Practical Wedding (Meg keeps me sane.)
2. A 10,000k Wedding Blog (Love her honesty and her simple style.)
3. Canadian Bride (Hello Neighbor!  I love Krista’s honesty!)
4. Grey Likes Wedding (Grey posts breath-taking ideas.  Love them.)
5. 12k Wedding Blog (Cora gives you great DIY and cost-effective ideas.  And, she’s getting married in the D!)

Thanks Lindsey.  Keep giving Michigan the love it deserves!

Everyone knows Detroit is hurting.  The U.S. auto industry is on its knees.  And no one feels the pain more than those who live in the region.  It’s not just a “headline” or a “news report” to us Metro Detroiters.  It’s a pay cut, mandatory time off, temporary shutdowns, or worse, a permanent layoff.  It’s very real to us here.  

If you haven’t been laid off, you know someone who has, or you, yourself, have had your salary slashed – and sometimes slashed again.  Those who were laid off from Chrysler last year, just lost their supplemental pay.  The Big Three’s retiree’s are losing their benefits and will likely lose more.  Dealerships are being forced to close, which, often times, means long-time family businesses will be dead.   And, there’s talk that GM could leave it’s Detroit-based world headquarters, which would devastate the Detroit economy. 

It hurts.  It’s painful.  It’s scary.  And, for those who shrug their shoulders and say “Let Detroit die,” are ignorant people who don’t really know what that would mean for the region or the country.   Read-up on it, and then share your opinion.  But, I don’t want to hear someone who lives in Southfield, Clinton Twp. or Waterford – or any other city or township in Metro Detroit or beyond – say Detroit needs to go away or Chrysler needs to die.  People.  Shut. Up.    Sorry, don’t mean to be brutal, but Detroit and the Big Three deserve better than that.

Surving in the current economic environment is tough.  And for those of us planning a wedding here is kind of scary.  Some of us just hope we still have our job come the wedding day.  Or, hope we find A JOB before the big day.  You definitely scale back with the plans.  And, you definitely consider doing many things yourself or not doing them at all.  But we’re still moving forward.  We’re working with what we have.  And that’s all we can do. 

Fiance and I both work in the auto industry.  We’re getting married in September.  We’re looking to buy a house.  And, YES, we’re scared – who wouldn’t be?  But we’re moving forward.   And if we can get through this together and take care of each other, we’ll be that much stronger.  Just keep on going, keep on doing and Detroit will get back up on its feet again. 


If you don’t already know, today is Flower Day at Eastern Market in Detroit. 

You can get flowers, fruits and vegetables for incredible prices and you’ll be supporting the local businesses.  BONUS!  

Not to mention, there’s antique shops – and believe me – there a definitely gems to be found!  Ssrly.

If you haven’t been there, you should go down and check it out.  There’s live music, BBQ ribs on the grill and lots to see and do. 

Go.  Visit Detroit and give it some love.

EasternMarket1.jpg image by Ramcharger13

Cool.  Different.  I like them.  Came across 5eizen on Grey Likes Wedding

Check these out.  You can find 5eizen on esty

5eizenElle Bloom Series - White and Black Ring Pillow

Elle Bloom Series - Creamy Ivory Dupioni Silk Ring Pillow Elle Bloom Series - Pink and Sage Green Ring Pillow

Kate Series I - Black and Gray Ring Pillow

Who are getting married in downtown Detroit today!

I can’t wait to take a sneak peak of their Detroit Wedding… and I’ll be sure to post some pics and give you all the details.

Bob and Sara truly love Detroit, which I think is AWESOME!

I am officially obsessed with the show ticket invite.   And, I particularly love the one I posted below. 

BUG and I are getting married at the Masonic Temple and our names will be on the marquis.  (Cool, huh?)  And, our reception is at Greektown Casino-Hotel.   The ticket invite just makes sense.  And, now, I am obsessed with getting my hands on this for a reasonable price. 

I’ll let you know what I come up with for prices.  We all know that invites can put a dent in the budget.  And, they’re just INVITES.  People throw them away.  (And, here I am obsessed with them…)

Holy Snikes!  I had a good idea today.  It’s about the invitations.  And, this ideas pulls our theme together.  It’s already been done before, so it’s not as though I’ll be renouned as the next Martha Stewart of inviations.  But, I LOVE it.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea!  Don’t you feel good when you’re in love with an idea?

As always, whenever I have a brainchild. I call my mom -BUT when I told her she was rather disappointed with the idea.  She sounded like Eyore on the phone and I couldn’t believe that she, too, wasn’t basking in the glorious idea.

Well, a second later she grumbled that she liked the idea and that I take all the fun out of this wedding fiasco.  <Bridgette has no response… slowly starting to think the idea may be STUPID>

The she says, “You booger!” (as in gooey mucas) “That’s what I’m doing for your shower invitations!” <HUFF, PUFF – btw… this is my mom>

Then she says that I’m ruining all the bridal shower surprises she has for me!

I think this is WONDERFUL.  Finally, we’re on the same page.  After months of different visions… we’re thinking the same things.

And, just for the record, mom, I don’t mind having similar themes for the bridal shower and wedding invites.  They won’t look exactly the same!

Anyway, I’m HAPPY.  Cause, I’m CHOOT CHOOT, Chuggins along.  (Wow, so 90s… I might just bust out Quad city DJ’s “Come on Ride the Train!”) 

What do you think of something like this?


In the last couple days, I emailed or called a couple vendors about what-have-you.  And, they say they’ll get back to you within 24 hours, but theydon’t.  Just wondering why they post or say the turnaround response time when it’s not so? 

Not to be snarky or anything, but don’t mess with  Say what you mean.  Decisions need to be made and I will move on if I don’t hear from you!

You know what I mean?

Grrr.  What’s with my face these days?  For 30-some years I’ve gone with minimal zits and this year my pores decide to explode.  

I actually woke-up in the middle of the night wondering why my face hurt!  Yeah, it’s one of those…

Get on with it Zits, cause you better not rear your ugly heads come September.

Look at this.  LOVE it! 


So, I’ve been looking for invitations.  We want simple.  Nothing frilly, nothing over-the-top.  We want something classic and something that serves its purpose.

There’s nothing I hate more than getting a wedding inviation and having to sort through, what seems like a million pieces of paper.  Sometimes I find it overwhelming.  So, we’re going with a simple black and white.  And, I’m going to make them myself.  I may not be crafty with embossing, but I can definitely whip something up on the computer.   I’ll order envelopes online, get the invites printed and cut at Kinkos and save myself a couple hundred bucks. 

I came across these on Invitation Consultants

Oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestions where I can get super inexpensive invites, let me know.  I’m open to checking them out!

I’m liking how simple this is.  I’d toss the white ribbon and get a deep burgandy or deep purple. 

 I like the shape of this.  Not liking the polka dot ribbon or the design of the black slip jacket.

 I like this one too. 

Cross your fingers.  We found a house and we’re bidding on it today… 

So, our save the dates have brought some univited guests out of the woodwork and poor fiancee is telling them that it’s in the mail!  

<Bridgette is red faced>

<Lots of huffing and puffing>


<Guilt… Not guilt that they’re not invited, but guilt that I had visions of running them down with the car>


For those of you who have already gone through determining the guest list and defining who’s on the list and who’s not, this invitation thing is the HARDEST part of the wedding planning process.  Our venue isn’t large enough to invite everyone we know.  And, why should we invite our acquaintances?  To us, our wedding is about having our close friends and family supporting us and celebrating our new marriage.     

And, I don’t want to be guilted-in to inviting people to the wedding.  That’s not what a wedding is about. 

Can you tell I’m steaming?

I love these!   And, I can’t wait to taste one!  Mmm.  So pretty and so delicious-looking. 

I really wanted to incorporate lady bugs into our wedding day. ( I call my guy Bug –  Short for Love Bug.)  And, I also know that if I don’t do it right, I’ll be crossing a fine line into the land of the tacky.  So, it needs to be subtle…  When I came across John and Kira’s artisean choclates last December, I knew that I had to have these!  

So, I put my order in earlier this week and I should get them the week of the wedding.  Lakes Cakes is going to hide these little bugs underneath the flowers on my cake.   So, you’ll have to have a keen eye to spot them.   I’ll just be happy knowing they’re there!

John and Kira’s Boutique Love Bugs
John and Kiras Love Bug chocolates

The cake – it’ll be stark white with red, purple and fuchsia-colored flowers
Martha Stewart Cake Old Time Favorite

What comes first?  The bride’s initial or the groom’s initial?  I’ve seen and heard of it BOTH ways! 

I had some serious anxiety over this, because if we went with the groom’s name first, our monogram would be KGB.  Ok, I know it’s not obscene – I can think of some really bad ones (like TIT and PMS)… but still, we didn’t think of us when looking at the monogram,.. we thought of the Russian secret service.

So, I did a little research on monogram ettiquette:

Initials: Monogram ettiquette dictates that the bride’s initial always comes first.   Then the joint last name, followed by the groom’s initial.  So, for us, it’ll be BGK. 

Usage: Also, you should not use your married monogram until after the “I Do” part.  For example, you shouldn’t use your monogram on your wedding invitations, save the dates or even at your ceremony.  But you can use them at the reception.  And, it’s considered bad luck to use them before you’re actually married.    I’ve read, if you’d like to use your monogram before the actual marriage, to use the initials of your first names.

Check out more monogram rules here and here and here.

And, because today’s rules are flexible, you can really do what you’re comfortable doing.  Though, you might have some ettiquette police, like your great aunt Gin, in the crowd scowling.   

Wedding Monograms

Classic design 5 for wedding monograms and logos.

Contemporary design 2 for wedding monograms and logos. 

Classic design 1 for wedding monograms and logos.


Look at these Michigan-made bad boys…  These unscented candles glow from the inside out.  Of course, my mom came across these at Bullfrog Light Company in Charlevoix, Mich.,  They have gorgeous Unity candles.  Check them out.  What we like most about them is they’re handcrafted right here in Michigan.

We choose the white, custom monogrammed candle, which was a little pricey for a unity candle – but we caught the sale that was going on earlier this week!  Keep an eye out, they have sales and deals on items all the time!  I also picked-up two 7-inch tapered candles and the unity candle stand.  Not only will it serve its purpose at the ceremony, but we’ll also put it on the headtable for some additi0nal candle light.

Should be a beautiful addition to our candlelit ceremony and reception, don’t ya think?

Bullfrog Light CompanyBullfrog custom monogrammed candles


I have a lot of catching up to do with the blog!   We’ve been busier than two little bees!  It just so happens that Bug and I are moving! 

We put his house up for rent hoping that someone would lease in in the next couple months.  With the market the way it is, we’d thought it’d take MONTHS!  Well, the day after we put the sign up, someone snatched it right up! 

So, you’re probably wondering where we’re moving?  It seems as though we’ll be moving in with my parents until we find the perfect home.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  The wedding is a four months away and we’re moving in with my parents. 

Should prove to be interesting, huh?  But, you gotta do what you gotta do.  And, my mom is super helpful with wedding planning so I’m sure her and I will tag team this DIY stuff!

Lots of stuff to do…

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