I love these!   And, I can’t wait to taste one!  Mmm.  So pretty and so delicious-looking. 

I really wanted to incorporate lady bugs into our wedding day. ( I call my guy Bug –  Short for Love Bug.)  And, I also know that if I don’t do it right, I’ll be crossing a fine line into the land of the tacky.  So, it needs to be subtle…  When I came across John and Kira’s artisean choclates last December, I knew that I had to have these!  

So, I put my order in earlier this week and I should get them the week of the wedding.  Lakes Cakes is going to hide these little bugs underneath the flowers on my cake.   So, you’ll have to have a keen eye to spot them.   I’ll just be happy knowing they’re there!

John and Kira’s Boutique Love Bugs
John and Kiras Love Bug chocolates

The cake – it’ll be stark white with red, purple and fuchsia-colored flowers
Martha Stewart Cake Old Time Favorite