So, our save the dates have brought some univited guests out of the woodwork and poor fiancee is telling them that it’s in the mail!  

<Bridgette is red faced>

<Lots of huffing and puffing>


<Guilt… Not guilt that they’re not invited, but guilt that I had visions of running them down with the car>


For those of you who have already gone through determining the guest list and defining who’s on the list and who’s not, this invitation thing is the HARDEST part of the wedding planning process.  Our venue isn’t large enough to invite everyone we know.  And, why should we invite our acquaintances?  To us, our wedding is about having our close friends and family supporting us and celebrating our new marriage.     

And, I don’t want to be guilted-in to inviting people to the wedding.  That’s not what a wedding is about. 

Can you tell I’m steaming?