Everyone knows Detroit is hurting.  The U.S. auto industry is on its knees.  And no one feels the pain more than those who live in the region.  It’s not just a “headline” or a “news report” to us Metro Detroiters.  It’s a pay cut, mandatory time off, temporary shutdowns, or worse, a permanent layoff.  It’s very real to us here.  

If you haven’t been laid off, you know someone who has, or you, yourself, have had your salary slashed – and sometimes slashed again.  Those who were laid off from Chrysler last year, just lost their supplemental pay.  The Big Three’s retiree’s are losing their benefits and will likely lose more.  Dealerships are being forced to close, which, often times, means long-time family businesses will be dead.   And, there’s talk that GM could leave it’s Detroit-based world headquarters, which would devastate the Detroit economy. 

It hurts.  It’s painful.  It’s scary.  And, for those who shrug their shoulders and say “Let Detroit die,” are ignorant people who don’t really know what that would mean for the region or the country.   Read-up on it, and then share your opinion.  But, I don’t want to hear someone who lives in Southfield, Clinton Twp. or Waterford – or any other city or township in Metro Detroit or beyond – say Detroit needs to go away or Chrysler needs to die.  People.  Shut. Up.    Sorry, don’t mean to be brutal, but Detroit and the Big Three deserve better than that.

Surving in the current economic environment is tough.  And for those of us planning a wedding here is kind of scary.  Some of us just hope we still have our job come the wedding day.  Or, hope we find A JOB before the big day.  You definitely scale back with the plans.  And, you definitely consider doing many things yourself or not doing them at all.  But we’re still moving forward.  We’re working with what we have.  And that’s all we can do. 

Fiance and I both work in the auto industry.  We’re getting married in September.  We’re looking to buy a house.  And, YES, we’re scared – who wouldn’t be?  But we’re moving forward.   And if we can get through this together and take care of each other, we’ll be that much stronger.  Just keep on going, keep on doing and Detroit will get back up on its feet again.