Hey. Hey!  I received a little blog love.  Thanks WedMichigan!  I think you’re pretty lovely yourself! 

I don’t have to tell you WHY I heart WedMichigan… it’s pretty obvious don’t ya think?  Lindsey, the lovely lady behind the blog, features Michigan brides, vendors and much, much more.   

Now that I’ve received this oh, so lovely award, my instructions are to do the following:

1. Accept the award <blush>
2. Post it on my blog, the person who gave it to me + a link to their site
3. Pick five other blogs I enjoy following + award them
4. Let the five blogs I choose know that I’ve picked them!

And here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow!

1. A Practical Wedding (Meg keeps me sane.)
2. A 10,000k Wedding Blog (Love her honesty and her simple style.)
3. Canadian Bride (Hello Neighbor!  I love Krista’s honesty!)
4. Grey Likes Wedding (Grey posts breath-taking ideas.  Love them.)
5. 12k Wedding Blog (Cora gives you great DIY and cost-effective ideas.  And, she’s getting married in the D!)

Thanks Lindsey.  Keep giving Michigan the love it deserves!