Tonight I was at the gym working out and I thought… Am I working out because of ONE DAY?  (Ahem, the wedding day)  Or am I working out because I want to be healthy and fit?   I’ve worked out since I was in high school, so it’s nothing new to me, I just wanted to be sure that it’s a lifestyle decision, not a “I’m getting married” decision. 

And then I started to think about this “One Day” thing. 

So many of us drive ourselves mad while we plan our own weddings!  We start to dislike people, family, paper, details, font, ink, stamps, linens, people, each other!  Oh, and the fact that we DO have a budget!  We look at what others have done and wish we could so the same – BUT BETTER!   But, do we really know what this One Day means?  Do we really know, or do we find out the day after the Big Day? 

It just seems like we’ve all gotten lost.  Ok, maybe not all of us.  But many of us.  A wedding is about marriage. 

I look at my guy and think, wow.  Forever.  Him. Me.  Unknown number of kids.  Dog.  House.  Love.  Good.  Bad.  Happy.  Sad.  Forever. 

I hope it’s forever.  Some of us don’t have forever.  But, that’s what the One Day is about.  It’s about the First Day.  And, you really don’t know when the last day is?  Really, it’s a terrible thought.  But, what I’m trying to say is, that marriage is not about the One Day… it’s about all the days after.  

And, I think those days are more important than the One Day.  Don’t ya think? 

I want more than One Day.  I want FOREVER!

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