Wow.  I’m not complaining because life is Oh, So, Good!  But, last week – WHERE DID IT GO?  I’d like to have an actual chat with Last Week and tell it to slow down and back up!   

Our wedding budget is tapped.  Or, I should say, I’m done!  We’re content with our decisions on the money we’re spending on those things we think are most important.  Like the DJ, venues, photographer and other vendors.  So, what we have left are the invitations and other paper-related details.  And, invitations can be pricey.  The invitations I think are PERFECT cost $400 just for the invitation and envelopes.  Cut that in half and minus $75 is what I think it’ll cost to do it my dang self. 

And I did!  I did a jank job in PowerPoint… And, I must say, my kinko-printed mock-ups aren’t that bad.   I showed them to my friend who does graphics and she said we could start from scratch in photoshop.  But it could work.  We’re going to change-up some graphics and all that.

So, I priced-out some paper products online… For 100 envelopes (70 lb), 100 rsvp envelopes and black cardstock (which we’ll attach the invite to, to give it a finished look) it’ll cost me $50.  For the printing of the invites, rsvp cards and my hotel information cards, I’m thinking another $75.  Maybe less because it’s only black ink and some cuts.  My ticket-style invites include the reception info on the actual invite, which will cut costs and save a tree.  No need pay more to have an additional tree die to announce our reception location! 

Here’s my jank-o mock-up.  Can’t wait to show you the finished version.jank inviation2