I came to the realization that my Jeep Cherokee lease was up the weekend that we move into our new house.  Now, I’m a woman who THINKS I can get everything done.  But, considering that I appear to be losing time at lighening speed, I didn’t want to chance not being able to deal with that issue on time.

So, I got a new lease yesterday.  Not that any of you care about that, per se.  But, I did something I never thought I would do.  <GULP> My Detroit Wedding Girl leased a Honda. <GULP>  I’ve never owned or leased anything but a Chrysler… and I feel like a traitor.  Especially since Chrysler is struggling right now.  And, I would’ve stuck with a Big Three vehicle, but I would have done so only for the sake of buying DETROIT.  And, since my drive to work will be a 60 mile (roundtrip) commute, I needed something FUEL EFFICIENT.  And, Chrysler’s just not there yet with most of its vehicles I would drive.  And, for the crossovers I wanted, Ford and GM were too expensive.   

So, I went with a 3-year Honda lease. I figured this would give good ole Chrysler time to improve the fuel efficiency on its vehicle fleets.  (They have to improve mileage with Obama’s new fuel rules by 2015.) 

I’m a Jeep girl.  And, I plan to get back to Jeep.  But I needed to be smart.  And, though my heart said to go with Jeep, I knew I wouldn’t be happy with mileage.  So, hello Honda.  You’re not so bad.  And you were manufactured in Ohio – right here in the U.S.A.