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I know I’ve been away.  I’ve actually been on a new workout plan.  It’s called the Miyagi workout from the movie The Karate Kid

For the last four days, I’ve been working my abs, arms and thighs with Miyagi’s “paint” workout.  Remember when Miyagi tells Daniel to paint the fence?  I’ve been painting my Great Room.  Muding holes, sanding and painting.  Painting the ceiling was a great ab workout.  Ssrly, I may have to repaint every ceiling in the house.  I’ll have washboard abs by the wedding!  No joke.  I asked Bug to bouce a quarter off them earlier.  He was impressed.

Speaking of Bug, currently he’s busy cleaning up my mess.  Which is why I’m blogging right now.  I just tripped over something and spilt paint all over our white carpet.  I wish I could say it was white paint, but it’s like a tawny brownish  color.   Not good. 

Anyway, I plan to blog wedding love later. 

Uh, Oh.  I gotta go.


Introducing… Amy and Steve

Amy and Steve met, fell in love, and then got engaged in downtown Detroit.   The engagement included an elaborate scheme that had Amy thinking she was having dinner with Tiger’s head coach Jim Leyland.  So, it only made sense when planning their wedding to have it Detroit.  They are both huge supporters of downtown and wanted their friends and family to share in the love and pride they have for a city some people have a not-so-favorable opinion of… They think it’s a big mission accomplished! 

Amy and Steve had their ceremony at the amazingly beautiful Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Greektown.  After they said I DO, the couple went back to the place where it all began… an old time Detroit favorite…  Garden Bowl , America’s oldest active bowling alley, which is located inside the Majestic Cafe on Woodward Avenue for some fun shots. 

Before heading to the Roostertail for the reception, Amy and Steve stopped by at their favorite local watering hole, Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub at Woodward and Congress, for some local Michigan MIcrobrews. 

Amy and Steve incorporated the Detroit skyline into their save the dates, wedding invitations and menus which was inspired by the view from the room at the Roostertail.  Giving proper recognition to Detroit’s historical music scene, Amy and Steve asked that only Motown music be played during cocktails and dinner and the bridal party entered the room to Sam Roberts Band’s “Detroit ‘67.”


Real Detroit Wedding: Amy & Steve
Detroit, Michigan

All images belong to The Shooting Gallery.  Amazing, aren’t they?

I’ve been struggling with table numbers.   Not that I’m having issues with counting (that’s only after having a bottle of wine), but really, I had no inspiration… until now. 

Check this out.  Thanks to Erica from 07/25/09 Wed…  Go see.  Come back.

What do you think?  I could take some snapshots of casino numbers, since our little soire is taking place at Greektown Casino-Hotel.   Slot machine, Roulette… Need your feedback, pretty please.

Here’s a little taste of the next Real Detroit Wedding.  I can’t wait to post this wedding.  I’m loving these images by the Shooting Gallery.   They’re Fun. Happy. Beautiful.   

This wedding will introduce you to some old time Detroit favorites.

Stay. Tuned.  More to come.


Three months from today, we marry. 

Whether it’s sunny or overcast, raining or not – it will be a perfect day.

Interesting find.  This is kind of cool if you have a small wedding party.  Or, if you just want a different kind of champagne glass set.

Blooming Champagne Bouquet 7pc Set – $30

image 1226965402-0

Original Post
Reply to:

FOR SALE: Blooming Champagne Bouquet

This is a 7 piece set, included: 6 glasses and a vase to set the champagne flutes in.  This is perfect for a wedding celebration!

Item has never been used, received as a gift. Box was only opened to take a picture of the glasses inside.

Makes a great gift!  Asking $35.00 cash or best offer! 

My Detroit Wedding Note
I say it’s worth $20. 



I’ve been itching to post since Monday.  But this move is relentless.  First, we had to clean the house we moved out of, since we’re renting it and the tenant moved in this past Monday.  (I washed walls, closets, cupboards.  That place is spotless.)

Now, I’m cleaning the new house.  I mean, scrubbing walls, toilets, floors, blah, blah, blah.  My poor little paws are all torn up from cleaning without gloves.  And, my nails have gone to hell.

My, oh, my.  So much to do, and work is getting in the way.   But, I’m hoping to post a Real Wedding tonight.  It’s as Detroit as Detroit gets.  Love it.  You’ll love it too.  

Maybe I’ll chew on some coffee beans and burn the midnight oil working on this here bloggy blog.   

Stay tuned…

Hey Metro Detroiters – I got a shout out from a fellow Detroit for band recommendations. 

So, if you know of any great ones, leave a comment.

Since we’re using a dj, I’ve got nothing!  Though, I do love the Killer Flamingos.  They play 80s and 90s pop and classics.  LOVE them.

Anyway, that’s all I got.  What’ve you got?

Hey, hey!  Look what Detroit Katie shared with me.   Katie came across these hand-painted toasting flutes on Etsy.  The glasses are 9 inches tall with black stem and base.  And, they feature a delicate, detailed damask design .

Do you like?  I do.  These are marvelous!  Thanks Katie for passing along the find.

Damask Hand-painted Toasting Flutes

Esty damask toasting flutes

I signed my first mortgage yesterday.  And, at 31 years old, I feel all grown-up.  Funny, I never really thought I would.  But I do.  Hmmm, I wonder how long this feeling will last?

Anyway, I’m not the kind of person who says “I feel blessed.”  I’m not particularly religious, so I don’t feel right saying it.  But, yesterday, during the closing, I did and I still do today. 

I didn’t know what to expect at the closing.  I just knew that I’d have to sign my name a million times on a million different documents.  And, I did. 

And, of course, we met the sellers – They were the most gracious people.  The house was an estate that was shared by six people.  The woman who had lived in the house for 20-some-off years passed away three years ago and the house went to to her children. 

And, you could just see it in the seller’s eyes that her mom loved that house.  (Sometime it’s amazing what you can see in people’s eyes, isn’t it?)  They said that when their father died, their mom decided to move to the lake because that’s something she always wanted to do.  And, she spent a year looking for the perfect house.  She found it and spent the rest of her life there.  

I promised them that we would love the house, too.  I already do.  I can’t wait to show you all a picture.  Tomorrow. 

It’s strange how right everything feels.  That’s why I feel so blessed.  Life is good.


There’s nothing like sharing a good laugh with your girlfriends.  I’m talking, throw-your-head-back kind of laughs.   Those are the best. 

Thank you, friends.  Whether it’s over the phone, over a glass of wine or through an email – You keep me laughing. 

I’d love to get my hands on these.  And, come to think of it, some Dom too.   I love champagne and I love stemware.  (sigh) 

Welcome to the world of Juliska.  Get this.  Juliska glass is mouth-blown by artisans in the hills outside Prague.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Being handmade, no two pieces of Juliska are identical. Each will have its own character – small bubbles, slight color and size variations. 

I want.  Don’t you? 

Juliska GlasswareJuliska1Source

This one is called ‘Worth the Wait.’  The bride never settled.  One day she met the guy.  Within a year they were married.  When you know, you know.  And, Julie definitely knows Shannon was worth the wait.  

She hunts, he hunts.  She fishes, he fishes.  She shoots guns, he shoots guns.  She golfs, he golfs.  She golfs better, so I hear!  They’re a perfect pair. 

I know this wedding was a true celebration, because I was lucky enough to be there.   Good people, lots of laughs, dancing, beer pong – YES, BEER PONG, props and all.  And, the groom sang to his bride.  Cool surprise.  Yes, this was a party.

And, more importantly, it was a truly joyful celebration.  Enjoy.

They were married at Clarkston United Methodist Church and had their reception at Bay Point Golf Club in Bloomfield Hills.  All images are courtesy of John F. Martin Photography.

Julie & Shannon
May 2, 2009
Clarkston/Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Julie Getting ReadySuper  BrideBoys1
CeremonyCeremony2Ceremony3Unity Candledetails1reception1Shannon singingparty.jpg1

More, or less, this is our black and white look.  Ok, nix those big, white candelabras and insert modest centerpieces with deep red, purple and fushia flowers.  Ditch the satin.  Oh, and tie a black sash around a more rounded chair, and it’s almost it!  Not sure if that’s confetti on the table or flower petals, but nix that too!  We’re doing black linens, white charger plates, black napkins, and white envelopes in a menu-folded napkin.  If you can find a better pic, please send to me!

I was perusing the pics I previously posted on this here blog and thought – what was I thinking?  I guess what I saw in my head was not what I actually saw in the picture.  But, this is better.  Do you agree?


I love my dad.  And, I’m proud to have him walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.  And, I know he feels the same.

Well, Saturday my dad called me up with some concerns.  On Friday, my parents went to a wedding on the East side.  And, after the father walked the bride down the aisle, the pastor asked “who gives away this woman?”   He did not like that.  At. All.  He said, what kind of father could give his daughter away! 

He wants to be sure that our reverand asks “who gives this woman’s hand in marriage?” – Because he’s not giving away nothin!     Ha!  How funny. 

So, I’ll be sure to tell the Reverand to ask who gives my hand in marriage, so my dad doesn’t make a scene!  He would too.  And, if he did, I wouldn’t even mind. 

Me and dad.  Isn’t he cute?IMG_2886

Wedding tree centerpieces.  I spotted these a couple months ago.  I think they’re cool.   

The Craigslist seller made these herself and painted them platinum.  You could paint them to suit your color scheme.   

For 10 tree centerpieces, she’s asking for $400, which breaks down to $20 per centerpiece.  Once you glam it up with hanging crystals or lights, those could be pretty expensive centerpieces.  While I think $400 is a bit pricey, they might be just what you’re looking for.  And, you know me, I would try and negotiate the price.  That’s a given with Craigslist buys!

Wedding Tree Centerpieces – 10 for $200
image 1208295553-0

Original Post: Wedding Centerpieces – $400 Waterford, Mich
Reply to:
Date: 2009-06-06, 11:41AM EDT

I have 10 centerpieces for sale which we just used for our wedding 12/27/08. I am an interior designer, I designed these and my husband and brother-in-law made them with much care and time invested. They vary in size but are about 3 ft tall although they are actually branches that we cut from trees so they are all very different and unique. The base is made of an 8″x8″ box made with 2 by 4’s then concrete was poured in to hold the sticks in place. Then we painted the sticks a platinum and the base a clean white. We are asking $400 and would like them to go to a good home as we put a lot of time into creating them, but can’t store them. If you have any questions please email me!

My Detroit Wedding Note: This is what I envision doing with the centerpieces

This one is called ‘Worth the Wait.’   You’ll all see more this week!

Bride sneakers

I don’t want any personalized, lovey-dovey, heartsy-fartsy champagne glasses near the headtable on our wedding day!  That’s just a personal preference and I completely understand if you feel differently.  That’s what an honest wedding is about, right?

Actually – I’m not so much wanting anything store-bought.  I’m thinking something vintage we find at a garage or estate sale.  And, if we can’t find something for a garage sale price, we’ll use the champagne glasses we received as a wedding favor at our friends wedding last year.  No need to break the bank.  And, with my record of breaking steamware, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Anyway, I was perusing the web for some vintage or funky glasses and came across these.  Me likes.


 Champage glasses



In the Reinvention of GM.  I believe in a comeback.

And, I can’t even tell you how I felt when I watched this GM commercial earlier this week. It’s honest and hopeful.  It’s one of the best campaigns I’ve ever seen. 

Take a watch. 

This is AMAZING.


Ahem.  I was painted a picture of what this night will entail.  And, all I gotta say is BAM!  It’ll be like no other b-party you’ve ever been too. 

And, my bad a$$ mom painted me this picture.  It’s so me.  Off-the-wall outrageous. 

Hmmm.  The only way I can describe it is Bridgette Meets Circus, Meets Bus, Meets Detroit!   Figure that one out!

Oh, and it has nothing to do with Brittany Spears and that song of hers.  Ssrly, no. 

Wanna come?  Meet us in the D!

Check this out!  Personalized Flip Books.  How fun are these?  We’ve heard of photobooths, but not so much about Flip Books!

As it turns out, BUG’s (for those of you who don’t know, that’s what I call my fiance) mom’s best friend Kathy is part owner of Fun With Flip Books.  And, she said she’d LOVE to do something for the wedding.  Whether it’s for the rehearsal dinner or setting-up shop at the wedding… So, it got me thinking, how novel would this be?  

I think this is pretty cool.  Especially, if guests could get their own personalized flip book.   It’s like a photobooth in that it’s a mobile photo studio that is set up at the wedding (or any event for that matter).  Basically, it’s a 10×10 video studio, your guests do their thing (whatever that might be) and in about two minutes, VOILA, they get their own personalized flip book.    And, Fun With Flip Books even brings costumes and props for your guests to play.

Here’s the low down.  Fun With Flip Books produces about 40 flipbooks an hour and the book itself is small enough for guests to put in their purse or pocket. 

Pricing: For a 3-hour event it’s $1050.  For every additional hour after it’s $200.  The price includes – personalized flip book covers, on-site technicians, table reminder cards, funny and tasteful props and complete setup and teardown.

Check it out.

Contact: Kathy at 248. 909.5915

This is a daunting task.  And, no, I wouldn’t label it as “FUN.”  Not gonna lie… the thought of registering was fun.  Actual task. Not so much.  But, I do want to say that while we were shopping around for what we wanted to include on the registry, it occurred to me that my mom was right.  (Yeah, mom, you usually are… Don’t gloat about it or I’ll profusely deny it!)

Ever since I was a litle girl, whenever my mom received a bridal or baby shower invitation, she was hell-bent on going – with a generous gift in hand.  And, if she couldn’t make it, you better believe she sent a gift of money.  And, while I dreaded each and every one I attended – You all know what I’m talking about…  You dread going, but then once you get there it’s not so bad… or sometimes it is!  

Anyway, my mom always told me, that it was our duty to go, bring a gift and socialize with the ladies.  And, that someday, it would be my turn and I would understand. 

And, you know what?  I do.  While wandering around the stores, deciding on wedding china, pots, pans, bedding, towels, I had such a feeling of gratitude. 

And, now, I understand.


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