I know I’ve been away.  I’ve actually been on a new workout plan.  It’s called the Miyagi workout from the movie The Karate Kid

For the last four days, I’ve been working my abs, arms and thighs with Miyagi’s “paint” workout.  Remember when Miyagi tells Daniel to paint the fence?  I’ve been painting my Great Room.  Muding holes, sanding and painting.  Painting the ceiling was a great ab workout.  Ssrly, I may have to repaint every ceiling in the house.  I’ll have washboard abs by the wedding!  No joke.  I asked Bug to bouce a quarter off them earlier.  He was impressed.

Speaking of Bug, currently he’s busy cleaning up my mess.  Which is why I’m blogging right now.  I just tripped over something and spilt paint all over our white carpet.  I wish I could say it was white paint, but it’s like a tawny brownish  color.   Not good. 

Anyway, I plan to blog wedding love later. 

Uh, Oh.  I gotta go.