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We got five back today.  All accepts!

You know the funny things about these l’il guys… these rsvps make the wedding seem real.   After a year of planning, we’re not just talking the talk.  We’re walking the walk.

Holy Snikes.  

Holy Snikes! 

And so is he!


Ok. <Deep breath>  Finally.  Finally. I can share with you… After weeks of working with my friend (the one who brought my idea to reality.  It’s all her, people! Thanks Dembek!) and hours and hours spent in the Novi Kinkos… here’s my vintage ticket wedding invitation. 

It came a long way from my jank powerpoint version, eh? 

Pic’s aren’t the highest of quality.  I’m no genius behind the digital cam!

What do you think?  You likes?  Talk to me. 

My Vintage Ticket Invitation
My Detroit Wedding Vintage Ticket Invite

And, here’s my RSVP card. 
And here’s the two inserts: Hotel Info & Framed Pic request


Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m going outta my mind.  These wedding invitations have driven me into disturbia.

Poor Bug.  Please give him a knowing look and hand him a beer when you see him. 

On a sane note, these invitations will go out tomorrow.  There is an end to the madness!  I’ll tell you my lessons learned (and my so called trials and tribulations) when they’re off my hands! 


Well, I’ve been working on invitations for the last couple weeks.  And, I planned to adhere the masterpeice (the main invitation my friend Michelle brought to life) on a piece of gorgeous black linen cardstock.

So… in preparation to bust-a-move on  these invites… I pre-cut the black linen cardstock during my lunch break last week Tuesday. Well tonight, while I was at Kinkos talking to them about the print job, I realized that I had cut the background piece about a 1/4 inch short.  So.  Basically.  The invitation and the background are exactly the same length.  If I could have reared my own ugly head and cut its throat, I would have!   

What a waste of time cutting those things.  A waste of money on paper.  If I had voiced the obsenities going through my head I woulda been thrown in jail.  

On the drive home all I could think of was:

GRRR… Snarl… SNAP.   

And, that wasn’t the half of it.   I’ll tell you about my print debacle tomorrow.  Too bitter about the paper to divulge tonight.

Grrr.  Snarl.  Snap.

I’m tired.  I’m bitter.  It’s ugly.


It’s amazing what we can adjust to as human beings.  I have adjusted to live with the skanky skunk smell.  And no,  I never thought skunks were skanks until one pulled a prank…

Ok, done being cute with the words.

IMG_3418Good ole Diesel, picured left, chased a skunk and was sprayed by said skunk – right between the eyes – last week Monday.  Not only did the skunk skank the dog.  But, the incredibly accurate creature skanked the house.  Yes.  Windows were open, the sulfurus oil penetrated the house and in came the stench.  And, it’s rather UNPLEASANT.  We think we know what it smells like until it’s fresh outta its skunkfurous glands.  (Which, I might add are strategically placed on either side of its arse.) 

However, I must say.  You learn to adjust.  And, soon, the skanky smell welcomes you when you come home.  It actually envelopes you as you walk in the door after a hard days work.  It’s been more than a week since the incident, and the smell… well… let’s just say it’s made itself at home.  And, just for the record, we are trying various remedies.  If you have one, do tell.

So, that is my life in my new home.   With the lake, comes life.  And life takes all forms.  On a happier note, I’m happy to announce I have my very own groundhog.  He’s got his own burrow right under our back porch.  Perhaps, I can captalize on that in the future… Say, around Feb. 2?

What’s a gal to drink when watching her caloric intake? 

I say HELLO to the Cucumber martini.  It’s deliciousness in a rather trendy glass.

First, you must have a snazzy martini glass.  Second, you must have a martini shaker that can tolerate vigorious and vicious shaking.

Fill shaker with ample ice cubes.  Toss in 5-7 thinly sliced fresh cucumbers.

Next you take 3 parts of your favorite vodka (mine is Greygoose).

Add a half part of your favorite saki (Don’t have one as of yet).

Then you shake the hell out of the martini.

Pour in your favorite snazzy martini glass and garnish with a slice of cucumber.

It’s pure deliciousness.

Don’t mind if I do! 

I received so many emails from you all about the Detroit Free Press article announcing the Detroit Institute of Arts is hosting its first wedding this Saturday.  I have to admit.  I’m a bit envious.  In my opinion, it’s a perfect venue. 

Anyway, last Fall the DIA announced they would allow wedding receptions, I even included it in my lil ole Detroit Ceremony Site Guide.  I was particularly interested to find out if they allowed wedding ceremonies.  And, believe me, I was disappointed to find out they do not.  I even called to see if I could talk my way into getting my way.  Um.  Didn’t happen.  Their reasoning is they don’t allow any kind of religious or civil ceremonies of any kind.  (I even offered to make ours not so civil!)  What I take from that is they don’t want to set a precedent of any kind.  Who knows what kind of door that would open? 

Anywho, with the upcoming ‘I Do’ at the DIA, I thought I would give you a venue overview. 

Diego Riveria's 'Detroit Industry'

Located next to the Detroit Science Center and adjacent from Wayne State University’s Welcome Center, the DIA is a landmark in Midtown Detroit.  This was my dream ceremony location.  But, like I said, they don’t allow any kind of ceremony or religious events.  

According to the article in the Free Press,  DIA space offerings include the Walter B. Ford II Great Hall, which can accommodate 300-500 people; the Rivera Court, 150-250 people; Kresge Court, 150-200 people, and Prentis Court, 200-300 people. Room rentals range from $7,000 to $15,000 and menu prices vary from $50-125 per person.  (Ouch for the rental!)  Now, If you happen to be a member of the DIA, they will offer you a discount for any room rental over $1,000.  If you’re interested in the specifics of rental pricing, clickity click here.  

With any venue, there are going to be restrictions and policies in place.  The DIA outlines theirs here.  Some rules include – they must approve all decorations and signage, the DIA name usage on invitations and anything that you may use it on, and they do not allow smoking withing 25 feet of the building.  (The smokers will be smoking on the curb.  I don’t smoke, so it wouldn’t be an issue for me!)  The good news is parking if free!  Bonus.

Pros: Amazing location!  They can accomodate a reception of any size.  Ample free parking.

Cons: The price.  OUCH.  They have lot of  policies and restrictions.  And they don’t allow wedding ceremonies. 

Contact: 313.833.7966

Having a reception at the DIA will prove to be pricey, but if its within your budget it’s well worth the price.  If you have your wedding there, be sure to send l’il ole me some picture to include on this here blog.  We all want to see, don’t we?!


Not literally.  But, I’ve already gone through two black ink cartridges and one cyan when printing the envelopes and maps for our wedding invitations.  And, Epson ink is not cheap.  Though, you can get it for an outstanding price at Walmart.  But, still.  Not liking this having to run out and buy ink business.  Nope.  I didn’t anticipate this expense. 

So, I suppose I should add this to the expense of the overall cost of the wedding invitations.  Right? 

If you remember, my camera was stolen back in April.  I was out.  It was late.  My camera was in my purse.  I was playing roulette.  Ah hem… I was under the influence of alcohol (to the extent that I had a nasty hangover the next day.)  Yeah, I was the perfect target.  Put my purse on the chair, back to my purse.  BAM. Purse is gone.  Phone, wallet, keys, camera and LIPSTICK.  I had several tubes of lipstick in there!  The loss was devastating!  

Well, Bug got me a camera!  So, I can post my little heart out on this here blog with my own pics. 

So happy.  Thanks Bug!

Oh, the social norms and laws of a culture!  It’s not always about what the happy couple wants, and often times etiquette is the culprit.  Usually, our parents are the first ones to slap the ‘Book of Etiquette’ at us, right?  And someday, we’ll be the same with our children… or will we?

But, if you think about it… Etiquette is a Dictatorship.   It dictates so many of our decisions!  And, if you don’t follow etiquette, people will question the decision with a sour look on their face.  If you do follow etiquette, you’re not always doing what you want to do.   And, what do you say when etiquette does allow for unconventional wedding decisions?  Because etiquette, like the English language, changes over time.  Do you recite the amended passages as a rebuttal?  I say no.  Why should we have to explain ourselves?  But we do because we feel we have to explain why we’re not conforming to their “perceived” norms.

Anyway, check out this post of some etiquette rules from Canadian Bride‘s blog.  Krista and I share some of the same thoughts and surprises when learning more about etiquette.  And, if you need a complete guideline, check out Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette.  

An exerpt from Canadian Bride’s post…

For example, if a guest is in a relationship (even if you don’t know the sigificant other), you are required to invite the date. (That makes sense.) Etiquette also indicates that the host/hostess is not required to offer guests the opportunity to bring a date (“plus one”) when the guest is not in a long-term relationship. (I didn’t realize that rule.) And Wade wanted to offer all our single friends a “plus one”, which would have been nice but it was not practical due to space constraints. We had a very finite capacity for the meal, and we didn’t want to over invite (um, awkward if 5 people eat their meal in a different room!) but we wanted to have as many friends as possible. If we invited “Sam + 1”, we’d have to wait for the RSVP to find out if Sam is bringing someone or if we have an extra seat. (Of course, boy-friends, girl-friends, spouses, significant others, etc. were all invited even if we didn’t know them.)

Check out her post to read more.  It’s a great post!  I’m curious to know if you are/or did follow the strict rules of etiquette?  Talk to me. 

Anyway, if you just don’t know and what a guide, get the book!

Tonight, we’re going to Kid Rock.  And you know, he’s a homegrown Michigander –  He gives Detroit so much love.  Leave it to The Kid to have a Detroit block party.

And, he’s introducing his new Michigan-brewed beer that he’s calling American Badass Beer.  The official launch is Labor Day weekend, but he thought he’d test it out on Detroit this weekend. 

So, literally, Kenny and I are going to have a Badass good time tonight in Detroit! 


With invitations… comes postage.  And, it’s incredible, postage really adds up. 

I really like the idea of custom postage.  It’s a nice touch.  But, am I going to pay for custom postage?  No.  (Really, I should say HELL NO!)   Anyone who’s at the invitation point of their wedding can relate to NOT wanting to spend not ONE more dime on anthing that is NOT necessary.  And, I was there yesterday!  Essentially, custom postage doubles the cost of your postage.  It all depends on the size of the stamp and how many you want. 

But, if you’re interested in custom postage, you should check out Zazzle, they do personalized, well, EVERYTHING.  For custom postage, it ranges from $17.95 – $19.95 for 40 stamps.  (Ouch!)  But, when you order more they knock off $2 increments the more you order. 

If you’re not going the personalized stamp route, there are some outstanding wedding stamps that USPS offers.  And, you all know if you’re inviations weighs more than an ounce, you have to pay for additional postage, right.  And, usually, because those bad boys are packed full with all kinds of stuff, it’s more than an ounce! 

Here’s the guideline:  Weight not over 1 ounce = 44 cents; weight not over 2 ounces = 61 cents; weight not over 3 ounces = 78 cents

Bug and I perused their site for stamps and decided we’re going with the two below.  Since we’re having our reception at the Greektown Casino Hotel, we choose the King and Queen of Hearts stamp for the RSVPs.  And, the Wedding Cake stamp for the actual invitations.  (We have yet to weigh the invites, but there’s no way that thing’ll be less than 2 ounces.)

Happy Stamping!

King and Queen of Hearts Wedding stamp

Wedding Cake 61 cents

Have I been stalking our wedding registry, you ask?  Well, no. Not really.  I happened upon the first purchase on ACCIDENT. 

Since Kenny and I thought registering would be a breeze, the registries weren’t polished by the time the bridal shower invites went out… So, when I went to put the final tweaks on it, I found there was ONE item purchased.  And, I have to say, we love and need that item. (Whoever you are, thank you!  We are so grateful.)  And, I’ve been back twice out of boredom.  BUT, I will not go back and take a peek.  Um, ok, I will TRY and not go back and take a peek.

Anyway, I decided long ago, I would not be a registry stalker.  I feel too guilty.   Are you a registry stalker?  It’s tempting, isn’t it?

I feel like I’m running my own printing press.  I ordered all my paper for the invitations, rsvps, envelopes for guest gifts, bridal shower thank you’s and wedding thanks you’s.  And, I’ve been a printing machine for the last two days.  I’m determined to get all the envelopes printed for the invitations and thank you cards.  I’m not messing around.  Nope.  

As for the invites, my vintage ticket invitations are almost done. I’m heading to my friend’s house Sunday to finalize them bad boys.  And, they’re going to print – hello Kinkos!  (For printing and cutting it’ll be about $50)  I ordered the card stock and envelopes and rsvp envelopes from Action Envelopes.   Not a bad price at all.  I had to order a ream of the card stock I wanted, so I just figured I would make my own thank you cards with the left over.  (I have a cool idea for those.)  Which meant, I also ordered the envelopes for the wedding thank you cards.     

We decided that we would adhere the vintage ticket on black linen cardstock for a more formal look.  I got 70 sheets of luxurious black linen card stock for $12 at xpedx in Farmington Hills.   I think it’s a steal, but then again, I’m not a paper specialist.  Then, I jetted to Michaels for some clear adhesive dots.  (NO.  I didn’t have a coupon,  but I’m considering bringing one in and getting the price adjusted.  Ha.)

So, over all, the invitations, rsvp cards and envelopes, directions, and wedding thank you cards and envelopes will cost me about $186.  (Not including postage)

Here’s the breakdown:
Paper – $122 ($10 for shipping)
Printing and cutting – $ 50
adhesives – $14

When I priced these out with the vendor, they charged over $400 for just the invitations and rsvps only.  That’s not including the price of having them be shipped to us.  So, with a little more time on my part (and that of a friend!) I’m getting what I want for more than half the price.  Not bad, eh?


Here’s all my paper.  I got the bridal shower thank you’s at Target. 
And the bright white envelopes are for the guest gifts…

I am so lucky.  Ssrly, so lucky.

My parents are moving down the street from us.  The put an offer on a house and it was accepted. 

Now, I know some of you out there would just DIE if your parents moved so close to you.  But, I feel like a lottery winner.  There’s nothing more important than family.  I really look forward to being able to drop by rather than having to make plans.  I like the idea of having family so close when we have babies.  I like the idea of having family so close for all the good things in life! 

And, now, we’ll be surrounded by Bug’s family and my family. 

Like I said.  I’m so lucky.

Check these bad boys out!  My mom created these invites for my bridal shower.  I didn’t know she had mad computer skills…

bad arse invitations

She went for the vintage ticket theme.  And, she incorporated Kenny’s Austrian heritage – and the location where he proposed – along with a e-pic as we were getting on the People Mover.  I love that she positioned it as a “journey” and how it all fits together because my shower is at the old Birmingham train station. 

Aren’t they awesome?

I’m a scaredy-cat.  I thought I heard something in the attic last night and this morning, and I immediately assumed it was a serial killer. 

No.  I’m not a girlie girl.  Yes, I’ve watched too many episodes of Forensic Files. 

Anyway, this morning I got spooked, so I ran outta the house.  And, then when I was at work, I got myself in such a state of panic because I couldn’t remember if I let the dog back in.  (We don’t have a fence)  Well, soon-to-be sister-in-law was nice enough to check to make sure Diesel was in the house (he was!), and then after work, soon-to-be brother-in-law checked the attic. (THANK YOU BOTH!) 

I was expecting him to find a cigarette butt of a serial killer, but he found nothing.  No signs of life.

So, all I have to say now is, Meow.   


Having a two hour lull between the ceremony and reception?  (The two locations are less than five miles apart.)  Mind you, there’s the People Mover, casino’s and plenty to do and see during the two hour break.  OR… To have an hour and a half of cocktails and hors d’œuvres?  So, on the invites, we would put Cocktails and Hors d’œuvres 6 p.m. Dinner 7:30 p.m. 

This is why I ask.  We want time to take pictures.  We have a kick arse photographer and want to take some fun and creative shots before we go to the reception.

And, I know, if we start the reception at 6 p.m. with cocktails and hor’deurves and say dinner will be at 7p.m – We’ll be late.   

And, I really don’t want to take pics before the ceremony.  I want that special moment for us to see each other be the moment I step foot down the aisle.

So, what do you think?!  I need your advice and your suggestions on what to do with this timeline!

I’m in LOVE with rose petal confetti and I’m happy to report that Masonic Temple allows it.  Apparently, some ceremony locations do not.  (So, before you go all out, be sure to touch base with your ceremony site contact.) 

Lookie what just came in!  These little bags are for the rose petal confetti guests will toss after the ceremony!  I ordered these gusseted glassine favor bags from Emmas Paperie.  I ordered 60 for $6 (that includes shipping).   Not bad, eh?

My mom has this sticker machine and we’re going to make a wedding monogram sticker to put on the bags. 

I’m going for this look.  I just love it!


If you have any additions to the guide, along with details, please send to me!  I’ve been meaning to update the list, but it’s been wildly busy. 

So, if you’ve got some Detroit love, bring it on!


It’s registry crunch time.  The shower invites are going out this week. 

Eeeek, this was harder than we thought!  There’s so many choices. 

And, get this, Bug hates Bed, Bath and Beyond.  So, no.  We’re not registered there.   Macy’s, Target and Home Depot.   Mom says she won’t put Home Depot gift certificates on the invite, so we registered for Home Depot gift certificates!  Ha!  How do you like that loop hole?  How can we ask guests to buy a paint color?  Or trim?  Or tile?   How funny would it be if a guest wrapped up some dry wall!  Hilarious. 

Mom- just for the record… We did put some items other than gift cards on the Home Depot registry… but not many.  Sorry.

Anyway, the shower if fast approaching and my mom is going all out.  I will give you full details when it’s over.  (Thank goodness they’ll have alcohol available.  That’s always a bonus for the shower guests.)

I just wanted to thank my guy for all the things he’s done around the house.   I’m so lucky.   Not only is he truly a wonderful guy, but he’s really quite handy.


Bug and I thought this registering process would be quick.  We thought we’d get our little registering “guns” and blast the place up.  We each got our own guns so we could divide and conquer.  But, no smoking guns here.  We could actually spend hours upon hours deciding what we really want.  <Yawn> Yes, I’m still tired.  The mental anguish of choosing one over the other is particularly draining.

Ssrly, we’re so concerned about the price of everything.  We want our guests to believe us to be reasonable people… Why, you ask?  Well, because we are!  But, things are so pricy these days.  Really.  It’s crazy.

And, I have some beef… WHY is all the everyday dinnerware I like not available for purchase in a 4 or 5-piece set?  It’s all sold separately.  I must’ve asked the salesperson twice if a particular dinnerware was sold in a set and she said no.  And, the reason being that some people would like to mix and match.  Yeah, I get that.  But, still, I find it ludricrous that our guests would have to buy one piece at a time.  So, it’s possible that we don’t get an entire set.  Not liking this.  It’s not guest-purchase friendly.

We still have to finish registering at all three places.  I propose that when a couple comes into register, they also give you a bottle of wine and two glasses when they hand over the little registering gun.  How dangerous would that be?  Dangerous and fun.  I like it.  But, I suppose we can do that online too, right?

UPDATE: While perusing online, with a cup of coffee in hand, I found that you CAN buy the dinnerware in a set.  Interestingly enough, you have to buy the set online as oppossed to in the store.  And, you CANNOT add the set to the registry.  Simply put, it’s stupid like that.

Can I just say, I love me some Mikasa.

You know you’re on vacation when you crack open a Corona at 1 p.m.   Bug is on vaca too.  And, as I took my first swig of beer, he’s still sound asleep. 

Today Bug is a Slug.  Slug-like syptoms result from drinking too much Miller Lite into the wee hours of the night.    

Anyway, last Friday I wrote a list of all the wedding stuff I’d like to get accomplished during my mandatory week off.  (Yes, it’s a mandatory week off.  I’m grateful because I’m too chinsy with my paid time off to have taken a week off no where near the wedding!)  So, uh, I haven’t crossed ONE thing off the list because I’ve been painting my arse off.  I must stop.  Please tell me to stop.  Tell me I have to do wedding stuff. 

The Slug and I still have to finish registering, pick out tuxes, get our rings, choose music.  And, I still have a lot of printing to do.  Luckily, I have my friend MD helping with the invites and table numbers.  All I’s gots to say is I can’t wait to show you.  Cool stuff. 

Toodles for now.  I’ve got paint on my hands, which is now all over the keyboard and my beer bottle.  I have to get to this wedding stuff very soon.  If I don’t, I’ll surely turn into a Zilla Monster the month of the wedding.  And, that would be no good.


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