Bug and I thought this registering process would be quick.  We thought we’d get our little registering “guns” and blast the place up.  We each got our own guns so we could divide and conquer.  But, no smoking guns here.  We could actually spend hours upon hours deciding what we really want.  <Yawn> Yes, I’m still tired.  The mental anguish of choosing one over the other is particularly draining.

Ssrly, we’re so concerned about the price of everything.  We want our guests to believe us to be reasonable people… Why, you ask?  Well, because we are!  But, things are so pricy these days.  Really.  It’s crazy.

And, I have some beef… WHY is all the everyday dinnerware I like not available for purchase in a 4 or 5-piece set?  It’s all sold separately.  I must’ve asked the salesperson twice if a particular dinnerware was sold in a set and she said no.  And, the reason being that some people would like to mix and match.  Yeah, I get that.  But, still, I find it ludricrous that our guests would have to buy one piece at a time.  So, it’s possible that we don’t get an entire set.  Not liking this.  It’s not guest-purchase friendly.

We still have to finish registering at all three places.  I propose that when a couple comes into register, they also give you a bottle of wine and two glasses when they hand over the little registering gun.  How dangerous would that be?  Dangerous and fun.  I like it.  But, I suppose we can do that online too, right?

UPDATE: While perusing online, with a cup of coffee in hand, I found that you CAN buy the dinnerware in a set.  Interestingly enough, you have to buy the set online as oppossed to in the store.  And, you CANNOT add the set to the registry.  Simply put, it’s stupid like that.

Can I just say, I love me some Mikasa.