I feel like I’m running my own printing press.  I ordered all my paper for the invitations, rsvps, envelopes for guest gifts, bridal shower thank you’s and wedding thanks you’s.  And, I’ve been a printing machine for the last two days.  I’m determined to get all the envelopes printed for the invitations and thank you cards.  I’m not messing around.  Nope.  

As for the invites, my vintage ticket invitations are almost done. I’m heading to my friend’s house Sunday to finalize them bad boys.  And, they’re going to print – hello Kinkos!  (For printing and cutting it’ll be about $50)  I ordered the card stock and envelopes and rsvp envelopes from Action Envelopes.   Not a bad price at all.  I had to order a ream of the card stock I wanted, so I just figured I would make my own thank you cards with the left over.  (I have a cool idea for those.)  Which meant, I also ordered the envelopes for the wedding thank you cards.     

We decided that we would adhere the vintage ticket on black linen cardstock for a more formal look.  I got 70 sheets of luxurious black linen card stock for $12 at xpedx in Farmington Hills.   I think it’s a steal, but then again, I’m not a paper specialist.  Then, I jetted to Michaels for some clear adhesive dots.  (NO.  I didn’t have a coupon,  but I’m considering bringing one in and getting the price adjusted.  Ha.)

So, over all, the invitations, rsvp cards and envelopes, directions, and wedding thank you cards and envelopes will cost me about $186.  (Not including postage)

Here’s the breakdown:
Paper – $122 ($10 for shipping)
Printing and cutting – $ 50
adhesives – $14

When I priced these out with the vendor, they charged over $400 for just the invitations and rsvps only.  That’s not including the price of having them be shipped to us.  So, with a little more time on my part (and that of a friend!) I’m getting what I want for more than half the price.  Not bad, eh?


Here’s all my paper.  I got the bridal shower thank you’s at Target. 
And the bright white envelopes are for the guest gifts…