It’s amazing what we can adjust to as human beings.  I have adjusted to live with the skanky skunk smell.  And no,  I never thought skunks were skanks until one pulled a prank…

Ok, done being cute with the words.

IMG_3418Good ole Diesel, picured left, chased a skunk and was sprayed by said skunk – right between the eyes – last week Monday.  Not only did the skunk skank the dog.  But, the incredibly accurate creature skanked the house.  Yes.  Windows were open, the sulfurus oil penetrated the house and in came the stench.  And, it’s rather UNPLEASANT.  We think we know what it smells like until it’s fresh outta its skunkfurous glands.  (Which, I might add are strategically placed on either side of its arse.) 

However, I must say.  You learn to adjust.  And, soon, the skanky smell welcomes you when you come home.  It actually envelopes you as you walk in the door after a hard days work.  It’s been more than a week since the incident, and the smell… well… let’s just say it’s made itself at home.  And, just for the record, we are trying various remedies.  If you have one, do tell.

So, that is my life in my new home.   With the lake, comes life.  And life takes all forms.  On a happier note, I’m happy to announce I have my very own groundhog.  He’s got his own burrow right under our back porch.  Perhaps, I can captalize on that in the future… Say, around Feb. 2?