So.  I have to admit.  One of the reasons I drove myself mad with the wedding invitations was because I didn’t check my l’il ole etiquette book. 

Lesson #1
A couple weeks ago, I thought I’d get ahead of the wedding invitation game by printing-up addresses on the envelopes.  Well, apparently, I had addressed all the Miss’ as Ms’.  I had even addressed my 12-year-old niece as a Ms.  What was I thinking?  Well, I don’t know?  I can’t even blame the glass of wine that accompanied me throughout that tedius process.  I know better.  I really do.  I edit and write for a living.  And, I know this rule! 

So you know what I had to do?  I had to order more envelopes.  TWICE.   Yes.  you read it right.  Mamma’s a moron. 

So, here’s my first little etiquette lesson…  Ensure you’re addressing the envelope correctly before printing those bad boys.  

For a good all-around etiquette lession, I found the PERFECT post on A Practical Wedding.  Check it out.  Then, come back.  Meg is awesome… And, so PRACTICAL!

Lesson #2
When you address a wedding envelope you should not abbreviate the words Street, Drive, Boulevard, etc.  Also, no abbreviations with city names, such as Sterling Hts. (Heights) or Clinton Twp. (Township).  Now, I don’t consider this to be a make-it or break-it, you better toss those envies out rule.  But, for those people you know will notice, then yeah, follow the rule. 

And then, as I was inspecting each invitation… I found there were some envelopes that didn’t have people’s last name.  (And, those must’ve been printed later into the evening… say during my second glass of wine.)

Lesson #3
For some reason, I was under the impression that were you supposed to include your registry information with the wedding invitation.  This is not true.  Apparently, etiquette says this is not so proper. 

So, there you have it.  Etiquette was half the battle.  My advice is to do it right the first time! 

I didn’t.  And.  I drove myself mad hatter mad.