My mom is the most generous and giving woman.  She is incredibly thoughtful.  She is everything to me.  And, she gave me a beautiful shower. 

I forgot my camera, so I’m waiting for my ladies to send them my way.  When they do, I’ll share with you and tell you all the details.

One thing I can tell you is, I felt incredibly uncomfortable as the guest of honor at an occasion where people brought gifts.  It was surreal.  And, I was comforted that my Bug was by my side helping me to open them. 

I have such gratitude.  And, it may sound strange, but I was so excited to write my thank you cards, so that I could really take in what I had received.  I even wrote them by candle light when we lost power Sunday night.   This shower business was an incredibly emotional experience for me.  I’m such a softy. 

Did I tell you, it poured during my shower?  girl with umbrella