I’ll be honest with you all, we’re having a little vendor issue.  So,  I won’t go into detail and I won’t divulge said vendor’s name.  Not yet, at least.  That’ll be after the wedding, folks. 

Basically, it has to do with a not so seamless passing of the baton interally, and what feels like the old bait and switch act.  They reeled us in with all these wonderful extras, and now we supposedly heard them wrong.  

Me.  I asked a million questions.  Bug.  He asked a million and one questions.  So, we’re not crazy and we didn’t hear them wrong.   We don’t want the world, here, people.  We want what was promised to us when we made our decision to go with this vendor. 

I’ve decided not to deal with the issue and passed the buck to my fiance.  I’m going to remain as cool as a cucumber (a cucumber martini, that is).  And, for me, that means not worrying about it and having faith that Bug’ll work it out. 

When it comes to customer service, it’s never good to over promise and under deliver.   That makes for bad customer relations, don’t ya think?

dropping the baton