Holy Good Golly Gee.  The RSVPs are bombarding the good ole mail box.  We have 77 accepts and 11 regrets. 

You wanna know what.  Ssrly.  I feel like a fool telling you all this.  But I will.  And, I will first preface it with… The wedding guest list is BY FAR the most difficult aspect of this whole wedding planning b’ness.  You know it, or will know it.  I know it and live it.  And the man, now knows it.

So, we had originally thought we were inviting, oh say 175 to the wedding thinking 150 or less would accept.  Tonight, I took a good, long look at the invite list.  And, it appears we have invited 217.  How did this happen, you ask?  I do not know.  I think we kept adding people and I think I added wrong when doing the counts. 

With that said, my advice to you would be: Closely monitor the guest list and do not become victimized by it. 

Now we’re reworking some things so it’s not such a bust on our budget. 

Despite the guest list getting the best of us.  It’s going to be one hell of a party.