True Story. No joke.  No lie.  Each day, my hair turns a darker shade a creamsicle orange.  And, it’s 5 weeks to the wedding.

As you all know, we moved in June.  What I think I didn’t  tell you is that our water is no longer city water but it comes from a well.

This means, not only does the water leave a wretched orange stain on the toilet bowl – which needs to be cleaned several times monthly – but it’s turning my blonde hair a creamy orange color. 


At the rate this thing is progressing, I’ll look like a push-up pop on the wedding day.  White dress, orange head.  It’ what every girl dreams of!

Story is, I got my hair did on Aug 1.  I’m naturally blonde, but like many of you all, I get a little help from highlights to brighten me up.  Well, it was the first time I got my hair did since we moved into the new house…  I was completely happy with it for… oh, say, four days.  BUT, then it started to take on an orange color.  It literally looks like I have red highlights in some places. 

At first, I thought my girl did something weird to my hair, but then I thought of how orange the water turned last week when we ran out of water softner… and how the towels turned kind of orangish.  Then, I was like.  Oh, $H!T.  After doing some research and talking to a color specialist… the iron and other minerals in well water actually damage your hair.  The iron is what makes blondes take on a creasicle orange color.  So, no matter if we have softerner or other water treatments, my stylist said that as long as I’m a blonde and I shower with well water, I’ll be battling the ronald mcdonald look. 

The good thing is, they make a product that reverses this nonsense!  It’s called Malibu and I’m going first thing tommorrow to get a treatment the local salon.  And, you better believe I’ll be buying some preventive shampoo and conditioner for well water while I’m there…  

Ssrly.  Who woulda thought?

Me donning my new do.  Doesn’t it look like red highlights?