I can’t tell you HOW many ladies talk about second guessing their dress.  Really, you buy your dress so far in advance, what if when it comes in, you put it on and you think… “What was I thinking?” 

I’ve had anxiety about this myself… The dress I tried on was about 14 sizes too big.  But when they cinched it into place, I knew it was “THE DRESS.”  Tears welled-up in my eyes. Tears-welled up in my mom’s eyes. It’s a funny thing. It’s an instinct. 

But after I ordered it in my size and I tried it on,  it didnt fit the way I had expected.  I was kind of disappointed.  I figured, we’d alter it and it’d be fine.  Not fabulous.  Just… fine. 

BUT!  Yesterday during my second dress fitting – after the seamstress took it in here, there, and well, EVERYWHERE – the dress took the shape I had imagined when I first tried it on.  That’s when I realized, there is no better dress out there for me.  This is the most perfect dress.  I LOVE it.   And, then I thought, what a waste it was to have second thought the dress. 

For those of you who have been second guessting your dress, my advice would be to stop thinking about it.  The only thing I can compare wedding dress shopping to is house hunting.  What if you find what you THINK is the perfect house.  So, you bid on it and then, you get it, it’s yours.  You’re perfectly content until months later when you find what you think is your DREAM house on the market and it’s listed for an affordable price?   Same thing happens with a dress, right? 

Seriously.  It’s a never ending cycle.  This could go round and round and round.  

But, if you allow yourself to continue to peruse, you can bet your a$$ that something will come up that pulls on those heart strings of yours.  And then you’ll second guess your decision on the dress that’s already ordered.  Ssrly, I considered going dress shopping again and I’m so glad I didn’t.

I say, STOP looking.  Stop.  Not even a peek. 

Go with your gut.  I’m glad I did.