Many of you have asked if I was sad the wedding planning and the wedding itself was over.  Honestly.  No.  Not yet, at least.  I can’t imagine that I will, either. 

Ssrly.  I’m ecstatic that the planning is over.  Too many crazy things were swirling around in my already crazy head.  Details, paper, printing, ink, going back and forth with my reception vendor.  I felt like I didn’t have time for friends and family.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE this wedding planning business.  Really.  I love WRITING about it too.  But, I think I’d be a much cooler cucumber if it wasn’t my own… you know?

I felt like the wedding planning was a spider that had spun its pretty little web around me.    

Now, the actual Wedding Day.  It.  Was.  It was like being able to touch a rainbow, or sit on a cloud or actually see love.   

And you know what?  I can’t imagine not having hired a videographer.  (Thanks Mom!  Read this…She made me…)  Because, I get to see snippets of the day and feel it all over again.  And, it makes me.  Happy.  And, it makes me run over and kiss my husband and hug the dog and call my mom and tell her I love her. 

Life is so. Good. 

I don’t have any wedding pics yet. 
So I posted this.  I’m working on collecting them online.  Soon.
 sb10066537z-001, Angelo Cavalli /Photodisc Source

NOTE: Videographer pricing has changed since my original 2008 post.  Just sayin’!